Part 1.5


Chapter 4: Uh oh! We made the School Student President mad!

DJ: How are you today, Yuno?

Yuno: I am doing fine. How is grade 10 for you, DJ?

DJ: Great!

Yuno: That's great.

DJ: So where are you heading?

Yuno: To the SSP's office.

DJ: Who?

Yuno: Oh, I haven't told you, but Sayaka who is in our club is the SSP. Which means she is the School Student President.

DJ: Wow, that must've been a hardworking job.

Yuno: It indeed is, Miss Sayaka is always doing well at her job. She is very serious, but she is willing to make this school better. And she gets along with people just fine.

DJ: Even more wows.

Yuno: Haha, you always make me laugh.

DJ: Oops, sorry. Heh. *blushes*

Yuno: Don't be sorry, that's a good thing.

*Both Yuno and DJ head to the SSP's office. The door was opened a little, and there was some shouting that both can hear outside.*

Yuno: Huh? That seems...odd. It was never that loud before. Miss Sayaka tends to keep things quiet.

DJ: Maybe we should check to see if she is okay.

Yuno: Yeah, maybe. Well, I am going to see here anyways, so let's go.

*As they open the door. Both DJ and Yuno sees Sayaka yelling at some students. She is filled with rage, while her younger sister, Iranaka, tries to calm her down. The office is very messy at this point.*

Sayaka: Okay, just because she didn't do it doesn't make her run away from this situation!

Sarah: Sayaka, you need to calm down. We will work things out.

Sayaka: No you won't! Not without her!

Ben: Fine, I guess we won't find her.

Sayaka: Ugh, you guys are pissing me off!

Des: Because you are raging for no damn reason!

UIV: Sayaka, you are much better than that.

Sayaka: I am being better.

Paya: Yeah, raging at us is making you better.

Sayaka: Shut up with your sarcasm, Paya!

Paya: Yeesh.

Mia: Okay, we will find her until you stop getting mad at us.

Ima: And if you will do this sooner, maybe we will find her sooner.

Sayaka: Ugh!

Sora: There she is at it again.

Ivan: So I guess we will never find her.

Frannie: So we are staying here?

Okano: I guess we are. Poor Sayaka.

Shane: I agree. Staying here is the best bet.

Sayaka: Why aren't you guys going out?

Rimu: Because we chose to stay.

Ashlynn: And to enjoy more of your bullcrap.

Sayaka: You guys are awful.

Chase: Eh...your fault.

Sayaka: What? My fault.

Chase: ...well...yeah...

Sayaka: UGH!

Melanie: Staying here is sure fun!

Hara: Hey, wanna party guys?

Sasuke: Sounds fun!

Ivan: Count me in.

Iranaka: *whispers to Sayaka* Maybe you should take the blame.

Sayaka: No I am NOT taking the bl-

*Just then, Do enters*

Do: Hey guys, I just found...woah...what happened here?

Sarah: Sayaka is having a tough time because we couldn't find the Ly twins, when we believe it wasn't their fault.

Des: Yeah, what a dumb SSP we have.

Sayaka: What did you say, Des?

Des: Here we go again.

Do: Wait! But I found them!

Ben: You did? Show them to us!

*Do tells the Ly twins to come in. They did, and it shows them the faces of Liona and Asuna*

Sayaka: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Lys. More so on Asuna.

Asuna: Sayaka, i'm sorry! I was worried for the music sheets we needed to perform, so I hijacked your office.

Hara: You hijacked her office?

Asuna: Well, technically no. But I checked every drawer, and it wasn't there.

Frannie: I don't think we understand...

Asuna: I know. What I mean is that Liona is missing the music sheets.

Liona: And I assumed you (Sayaka) are the one who has them.

Asuna: Liona told me to go to your office since I had the keys since you always keep useful information in there.

Sayaka: Technically, I did have the music sheets, but since when did you had the office keys?

Asuna: Iranaka gave it to me.

Sayaka: *Glances at Iranaka* What did I told you about NOT giving keys to SOMEONE ELSE!?

Iranaka: Eh? I told her to hold it temporarily.

Sayaka: Oh my God you are the worst sister I could ever have. Also, considering about the music sheets. I have to give to Jade because she needs to look at it moreover.

Liona: Oh, Jade has it?

Sayaka: Yeah. She told me she needs the music sheets since she needed more pratice.

Liona: Ah I see.

Sayaka: Now can we clean up this damn mess. The principal is going to KILL ME.

All: Yes ma'am!

Yuno: Well, at least Sayaka is calm now.

DJ: Yeah. Good thing she didn't hurt anyone.


  • Managing can be a very hard job to do. It takes a lot of responsibility to make things successful.
  • There are times where you can't be nice but be determinant.
  • Administrators can be very helpful to you, never be afraid to speak to them.
  • If there is a serious issue, report to the administrator immediately.
  • If you need to access something, ask the administrator for permission.
  • The administrator is much more powerful than you, so don't eff with them unless they suck at their job.
  • Listen to what the administrator says.






Chapter 5: A teacher's Pet

Yuno: DJ, do you love your teachers?

DJ: Yeah, they are very nice.

Yuno: That's good.

DJ: I heard some teachers can be bad. Is that true?

Yuno: Well, depends. But they all have different styles of teaching.

DJ: Ah I see.

Yuno: You know the founder of our club, Liona, right?

DJ: Yeah.

Yuno: Do you think she is a good teacher in your opinion?

DJ: She is! She should be a music teacher! :D
Yuno: I agree! I'm glad we have a good leader.

DJ: Yeah, for an 18-year-old, she is really good.

Yuno: She's 16 silly.

DJ: Wait, what!? :o

Yuno: You'd be surprised. She is just as the same age as her twin sister and me.

DJ: Wow. What a great girl, even when she's 16.

Yuno: Yep.

*Just then, they saw a room of their club members hanging around. This time, it wasn't their club room.*

DJ: I wonder, what are they doing here?

Yuno: I dunno, actually. I guess they are helping each other with...homework.

DJ: Maybe we should check out. After all, I have homework too.

Yuno: Okay, let's go.

*They went inside the room and see people complaining...about equations...*

Habit: Okay, first off, 2+2 does not EQUAL TO FIVE.

Misaki: But it does.

Habit: No it does not. 2+2 equal to FOUR. Get your facts straight.

Misaki: But if I do that, I will get shot by invisible guns.

Bard: Omg, Misaki. Don't take every youtube video literally.

Misaki: But people believe it.

Bard: Because they are complete idiots.

Ryu: Yeah, and not everything in the internet is true.

Misaki: But...

Mia: No buts. You did this many times.

Misaki: But what if 2+2 equals to five?

Habit: Stop asking idiotic questions.

Misaki: But that's a smart question.

Habit, Mia, Bard and Ryu: *sighs*

Rimu: How about we have Waka to do it?

Habit: Out of everyone, you just had to choose her?

Rimu: Oh come on, let your sister try.

Habit: She's not my sister.

Waka: Yay! Me turn!

Sora: She still can't speak English fluently.

Habit: Right?

Asuna: Guys, be nice.

Sora: Eh?

Habit: Er...we're sorry. We meant that Waka is very smart.

Liona: Okay. Let me right an equation down. Something easier for her level.

*Liona writes down 1+1*

Liona: Now Waka, answer this.

Waka: Ok.

*Waka writes her answer coconuts*

Bard: Coconuts, COCONUTS!?

Okano: She's probably a demon islander.

Bard: No way.

Okano: I'm kidding.

Ben: I have to admit, it was funny.

Asuna: Yeah. *Giggles*

Waka: Lion! Lion! It coconuts!

Liona: Eh...?

Kiro: She literally wrote that down...

Liona: Coconuts...

Ayana: And even if it is wrong...

Liona: Coconuts...

Ayana: It's still funny.

Liona: Coconuts...

Jushua: Liona, are you okay?

Liona: Coconuts...

Mia: She became lost. Wow.

*Just then, Liona snapped*

Liona: Waka.............whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy? ;_;

Waka: Eh?

Liona: The answer is not coconuts!

Waka: Huh?

Liona: Here, pull out one finger.

Waka: Okay.

Liona: Now, pull out another finger.

Waka: Okay.

Liona: So 1+1=2. Repeat after me. 1 plus 1 equals...

Waka: Coconuts!

Habit: No it does not! >:(

Misaki: It is!

Habit: Shut up Misaki!

Misaki: :(

Liona: Okay, okay fine. I'll show you the question differently.

Ray: Liona is such a great teacher, right guys.

Ryu: I agree, except she is too young.

Liona: Oh you guys.

Ima: Maybe she is secretly 30.

Okano: Or 50.

Rimu: Maybe 80.

Sora: Or she is undead.

Liona: No. I'm just...16. Anyways...

*Liona writes down this equation: sand + palm trees = ???*

Liona: Now, answer this!

Ben: Ooh, tricky!

Ray, Heh, I bet Waka can't answer that.

Asuna: C'mon guys. Give her support.

Ray: We're kidding.

*Waka wrote down coconuts*

Waka: Lion! Lion! It's coconuts!

Liona: Correct!

Waka: Yay!

Liona: Gimme high five!

*Waka gave a high five back to Liona*

Liona: What an energetic girl.

Bard: And what a great teacher. (no sarcasm intended)

Liona: Thanks.

DJ: Wow, Liona is great at teaching those who can't speak English.

Yuno: Yeah I wholeheartedly agree.

DJ: Lemme take a picture.

*Just before DJ could take a picture, he sees Adeline, Carrie, Sayaka and Zac coming into the room.*

Zac: Hey guys, I think Shane needs to see us.

Mia: Really? Does it have to do with our musical performance?

Zac: I think so.

Adeline: Also, we made a poster for the performance.

Liona: A poster? Sweet!

Sora: But how sweet?

Adeline: Very sweet.

Sayaka: And what kind of equation is that over there?

Liona: I'm teaching Waka what she is comfortable.

Sayaka: But she needs to learn what we all learn.

Carrie: Sayaka, I don't its that bad.

Sayaka: Not to you, but it is to me.

Habit: Oh, hi Carrie!

Carrie: Oh hi!

Asuna: Yay! Habit is flirting with her girfriend!

Habit: Eh! Shut up Asuna!

Asuna: XD
Liona: Anyways, we need to go back to our club room so we can get things prepared.

All: Okay!

*Just then, DJ snaps a shot*

Bard: DJ! What the heck!?
DJ: Eh, sorry!

Yuno: I think that was some bad timing...hehe.

DJ: Ah, i'm sorry all!

Liona: I-It's okay! Head back to the club you two.

Yuno & DJ: Okay!


  • Teachers do their best to help your education out. So listen as much so you could gather information
  • Don't record them. No one is perfect.
  • Some teachers suck at teaching. If this happens, your only saving grace is the internet. (This isn't always true, because teachers tend to give more better information. English teachers are the best by the way, they don't even suck. Not even one bit. I may sound biased, but its true)
  • Ask help from the teacher if you don't know something
  • Sometimes, arrange times from your teachers if you have any problems
  • Don't be stupid. Period.
  • Never be like Misaki from what happened there. Also don't be a smartass like Habit. He's smart, but he's like "Hell no".
  • And please, do not write your answer "Coconuts". This isn't to offend any islanders cause' i'm pretty sure a lot of islanders are smart. Waka came from an island where the teaching is completely different.
  • If you slap your teacher, may God have mercy on you. :)
  • Also, don't put a sign on your teacher's back, especially on April Fool's day. He/she will revenge you.