Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Learn the importance of dividing and multiplying decimals!

Steps to Follow When Multiplying Decimals

The Steps Described!

When you multiply decimals you don't line up the decimals. You ignore the decimals and do basic multiplication. Once you've done the math count how many numbers were behind the decimal. In our example problem there are four so you go up four spaces and put the decimal. In our example problem the answer would be .0258

Steps To Dividing Decimals

Guaranteed To Be Relaxing And Fun

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How To

First you set up the problem. For example 68.5 divided by 5. Then you do basic division. Once you've finished the math line up the decimals. It's that easy and soooo relaxing.

How Do We Use Multiplying and Dividing Decimals in the Real World

We use multiplying decimals in a store when we buy multiple of the same item and don't want to add them up because it's a waste of time. (Unless you use a calculator.)

We use dividing decimals when we have to figure out percentage like with coupons at a grocery store.

Why It's Important

We use multiplying and dividing decimals in our everyday life and it saves us sooo much time. It's so much more accurate to multiply decimals because it is a lot more confusing to add up a ton of decimals at the same time.