The boy who saved baseball

By Isaiah Byrnes


I think the theme of the story is you should never give up.


 Cruz De La Cruz is a nice, friendly, hard working, athletic and determined boy. Cruz  had came to the camp and helped and he had brought his HitSim game that had helped them with hitting. The HitSim game helped them because it made their focus improve. He is a very good pitcher, hitter, and fielder. He reminds me of my friend Riley.

Tom Gallagher

Tom had started out being a quiet and shy boy. But as the book went on he got less shy and quiet and in baseball he wasnt that good. But he had practiced and practiced he had got better at hitting, pitching, and fielding.


When the WildCats were up by 1 and Maria got hurt and the Vikings took the lead. Then Tom came in and got the next three batters to get out. A person was on first base and Rachel was up they walked her so there was 2 outs and a force play at any base. Tom was up he hit the popfly so high it went higher then the bleachers and three guys on the Vikings tried to catch it but they collided and the Wildcats won the game. 


I would pick Dante Del Gato as the hero because when they met him he was a mean, grumpy, and terrible old man then he came out of his house coached the baseball team. After he started coaching they became very good and because of him they won the game.