Hassels' Headlines

Feb. 5th, 2016

News You Can Use!

Friendship Party- We will have our party on Thursday from 2:00-3:00. Please make sure to bring a box or bag to carry all of your Valentines!

Favorite Children's Book- Please bring this to school on Monday for a writing project next week. If you don't have one you can borrow one me!

Yearbook- It is not too late to order your yearbook. Click the link below to order online. Don't forget to use the following Conley School code: 10091016

Click here to order a yearbook online.

Box Tops- Keep clipping those Box Tops. Our class would love an extra PE!

Important Dates

Feb. 11th- Friendship Party 2:00-3:00

Feb. 12th and 15th- NO SCHOOL

Feb. 26th- Young Author books due

Subject Snapshots


Story- Eye of the Storm

Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect/ Predict and Set Purpose

Conventions: Past, Present and Future Verb Tenses

Vocabulary: Root Words and Word Structure

Spelling- Compound Words

Writing- VEX Robot Challenge Essay


Unit 6: Division, Map Reference Frames, Measure of Angles

Science: Energy

Mystery "Google Hangout"

This week we did something called a mystery hangout. A mystery hangout is an activity where you have to figure out where the other class is face timing from. The fun thing about mystery hangout is that you have no idea where they are. The funny thing is they were in Illinois too.

Click here to see the Animoto video Kyle and Preston made about our Google Hangout Experience!

Collaboration Room Project

This week in the collaboration room the students worked in small groups to research different types of severe weather to go along with our weekly story. They created Google Draw projects on tornadoes, blizzards, thunderstorms and hurricanes and presented them to the class. The students really enjoy "being the teacher" and showing off their research to their class!


This week in literacy we did many things for example on Monday the group the best school year went to the collaboration room and I was in that group so if I miss anything it is not my fault anyway on Monday we listened to our story. On Tuesday we did a TodaysMeet root sentences. After that we did a personification sheet. Then our guided reading summary activity. On Wednesday in daily five we worked on our Verb Tense Picture Project,Spelling Word Search and then read for B.O.B. On Thursday we did a cause & effect work sheet. After that we did a prediction power point and made a b c and d with our bodies what we thought the answer was.After that we went over our story. Then we did a pear deck. On Friday we did a Kahoot and then went over our TodaysMeets and then we went into daily five. We did our Week 4 test online and our Week 4 CCR/writing prompt, then graph our results. Then we did our C/E story and activity. If you finished that then do your spelling wordsearch,Vex robot essay,clean your desk/locker then read for B.O.B.


This week in science we had to make a robot car. Then we had to connect a controller to the car and drive the car through an obstacle course. The obstacle course had red, blue and green blocks. The color red stops you and the color green makes you go. We had to make a green colored team flag in case we got stopped by the red bricks. While we were waiting we had to write an essay on on the VEX ROBOT CHALLENGE [ that's what the challenge was called.] That's the fun things we did in science this week.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

In math we are learning about coordinates, we watched a video on the coordinate plane. Also we are doing our study links in school, and doing coordinate sheets for homework. We also learned about angles we did clarisketch video on them. also we measured the angles with half circle or full circle protractors. On Thursday we did an angles sheet for homework, but some people did it in class. On Friday we did some partial quotient problems.

Click here to see the Clarisketch Angle videos on the Padlet Wall. Don't forget to click "view original" to see the entire video.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

This week we continued Pearson Math. Most of the week we reviewed for our test that is going to next week on Tuesday February 9 . We reviewed by taking a practice test and making our own study guide in our math notebooks. When we had extra time we played a division wrap around game for this game the answers could be cents, dollars, or whole numbers. Next unit we are going guided math with either do keep Pearson or switch back to Everyday Math. We were trying out Pearson with Mrs. Price. This is what we did this week in math. (See picture below... Getting out some energy and moving to the beat with GoNoodle!)

*A note from Mrs. Price - In math the class is using the enVision math program which is on the Chromebook. There are many options available within this program. The practice buddy homework is done right on the Chromebook. One of the nice options for this way to do the homework is the fact that when a child gets a problem wrong they then complete another similar problem. They also have videos and other tools to use right on the document that they can use to solve the problems. We will be using this and Everyday Math through out the rest of the year. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
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This week in music we used pink bouncy balls and the song Cirque du Soleil Mystere Egypt and bounced the balls to the beat. We bounced it on the downbeat for the first beat. When we caught it again that was the second beat. Then we held it for the last two beats. Mrs. Karl told us we are going to play an elimination game next week with it where if we drop the ball while bouncing we will be eliminated.


On Monday in PE we did a running day. On Tuesday we played a game where you stood in a circle and secretly look at someones shoes and when you look up, if the same person is looking at you you had to do the Charlie Brown. On Wednesday we did a game where you throw a dodgeball and you have to not move your feet at all and if you do move your feet or if you don't catch the ball you have to sit down.



Today in art we painted our shade and tint houses. When your done work on your packet.

Young Authors

​Young Authors is in full swing for the year. Completed books are due to your child’s school no later than Friday, February 26th. Judging by community volunteers will take place the following week. Winning students who will represent Community District 158 at the Young Authors Conference will be notified prior to spring break. Below, please find guidelines for book submission, along with some general judging criteria. Please let your grade level representative know of any additional questions you may have.

Click HERE Guidelines & Judging Criteria.

Click HERE for sample writing frameworks.

Mrs. Christy Gibbs K-2 (cgibbs@district158.org 847-659-5858)

Mrs. Laura Brummer 3-5 (lbrummer@district158.org 847-659-3543)

Mrs. Tammy Carpenter 6-8 (tcarpenter@district158.org 847-659-4440)