Senator Grassley

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Senator Grassley

Senator Grassley was born in september 17, 1933, in New Hatford, Iowa. His family members are his wife Barbara Speicher they got married in 1954, his beloved five children, Lee, Wendy, Robin, Michele, and Jay.

He is said that his son Robin recently runs there family farm. He is a sheet metal shearer He started in 1959 through 1961. He also was a line worker in 1961 through 1971. He was allected for Iowa's senate in 1958. He lived in the U.S. house of representatives in 1974, US.

His education is B.A. 1955, M.A., in 1956 political science, University of Iowa. He was in office for more then 26 years!

When the goverment was setup people consideredthe population to decide how many people each state should send to the congress. He is in office because he camphianed for this, and he was the one who got the most votes.

Through out history the senate has offered a stage to powerful leaders. presidents Barack Obama, John F. Kenned, And Warren G. Harding all went from the Senate to the Wjite House.