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If you missed 'University' for Moms, this is for you!

You're a Mom. Aren't you supposed to have all the answers? If you don't, then read on...

If you are a stay at home Mom like me, who do you go to for advice on finance, parenting, relationships, health, happiness and all those other daily hurdles we face?

How many experts do you need to find the answers you've been looking for?

Have you ever wished you had a 'one stop shop' life skills universtiy? A bit like 'Harvard' for the mind, body and soul! I wish I had found something like this 8 years ago - instead I spent alot of time and money looking for it. Once I found it, I changed for the better and my family benefitted too.

Now I have gathered these treasures from my journey of learning to bring you the skills, tools and knowledge that will help you to be the Mom you want to be, and that your kids deserve.

Listen in to this FREE 30 minutes teleseminar and learn how to access 6 life skills experts without even leaving home. Give yourself a boost before 2013 even starts.

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Free Teleseminar

Tuesday, Nov. 27th 2012 at 12:30pm

Your house, your phone!

12.30pm ET, 9.30am MT, 5.30pm GMT

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