Cash Register

That will be $18.79 Sir

Ritty's incorruptible cash register history

I n 1878 James Ritty was on a boat and he noticed that it had a machine that kept track of the amount of times the propeller spun this made him think of the fact that some of his employs that were pocketing cash that was supposed to go into buying new materials for his saloon. As soon as he got back he went to work and had his final product finished in 1879 and called it " Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier ". in 1881 he made a cash register making company that he sold because it wasn't it prospering and the invention has received many upgrades to modernize it to fit the modern ages.
The way Ritty's invention worked was you took the price of the item(s) turned the hand to the price and put in the money in at the end of the day the money would be counted to check and see if the right amount of money in there. The main benefit was that now it was much harder to pocket cash that was needed for the business that it is being used in. It has been carried into this day in age and has been modified to find the total value of what the customer is buying along with holding cash and original purpose of making sure none of the money was pocketed.
The History of the Cash Register