All about Asani


I was born January 14th

From NY , Raised In DE

Im 14 years young

my favorite color is GREEN

I Learn best by someone talking directly towards me .

My favorite subject is Math .

im very active

thing i love

i love eating , eating is life but i do eat healthy too ! i make protein smoothies and shakes . i eat alot of fruit .

i love texting i consider that as exercising my finger muscles lol !

music is life also music helps me clam down it always fixes my emotions !!

A Few Fun Facts.


I am very active everyday i exercise somehow, i play basketball & fieldhockey also everyday in the summer i ran in the am . I Walk About 2 Miles Daily because im always walking to stores and parks that pretty close from my house . I also dance and exercise .
NHIAA Field Hockey State Championship game Highlights - 2012

Connection 1 Health & Teens

I connect with health and teens because im all into having a healthy life , which involves with the choices that you make in your life and i make good choices in my life so i wont have any type of lifestyle disease and so i can stay in shape to do my activities , sports, dancing etc.

Connection 2 Health & Wellness

i relate to emotional health , because i want to learn how to express my feelings in a positive way to not get overwhelmed and find people to get support and help from . I think thats very important because my attitude does effect my communication skills and i want to learn how to work on that .

Connection 3 Health in your community

I think public policy should talk more about smoking cigarettes to adults because in my community alot of adults smoke very much and i think people should let adults know all the things that could happen to them by them smoking and how it effects other people for example people with asthma etc . Smoking causes diseases such as lung cancer or any other cancer.