The Battle of Passchendaele


how did the battle start ?

On July 31, 1917, Britain attacked the town of Passchendaele. The artillery shells were flying when a pipe burst covering the whole town in mud and water. It was so deep that people and horses drowned! To make it even worse it was the heaviest rain in 30 years.

The attack was a success on the left wing but had completely failed on the right wing because of the rain and mud.

What weapons did they use in this battle?

They used many different weapons in this battle like those they normally used in the trenches. They also used flame throwers which had poor accuracy but helped to empty any remaining soldiers from the trenches. They also used poison gas. Poison gas is a bomb that gives off gas that could blind or kill enemies. During the battle, tanks weren't very effective because they got stuck in the thick mud. Sometimes they used grenades but not often. They also used artillery which is like modern day cannons.

The End of the Battle

The battle stopped for a long time because of the mud and rain. When the battle resumed, Canadian forces captured the town by November 6. By the end of the battle, over 16,000 Canadian soldiers were killed or wounded. I think this battle earned its nickname The Battle of Mud.