What comes to your mind?

When I think of the word media communication, the internet, and television come to mind. To me media is a way information is communicated whether it is through social media, television, radio, magazine, etc. Media can be good and bad. Michael Vick is a good example of good and bad media. Before he got in trouble he was associated with good media about his great ability in football. When he got in trouble with the dog fighting incident, he had a lot of bad media related to his name. Media can influence the way people think about certain topics. For example a news story is media and depending on whom you are listening to may make a difference in how you interpret what you are hearing. Also what side of a story the reporter is telling can influence an opinion. How you interpret, analyze, and understand these messages is media literacy. Media literacy is not really a quantitative measurement. It is more related with application and how well you understand the term media. I think the major forms media comes from are television and social media. Social media being things like twitter and facebook. People come in contact with one of those two things at least once a day. It is rare you meet a person who does not have a facebook or twitter. With both television and social media the information comes to you relatively instantly. I think this why media has grown to be so big now a days. We get most of our information from media daily whether you agree with it or not; how we analyze and communicate this is media literacy.

Précis - "A Hero's Welcome"

Budweiser in the commercial, “A Hero’s Welcome,” shows that the power of a simple welcome home or thank you can go a long way. Budweiser supports their belief by showing a soldier being brought home, and everyone in the town outside to welcome him with gratitude, signs, hugs, and parades. The commercial’s purpose is to show that an American beer company, Budweiser, is a proud supporter of the troops so that as people living in America, we feel the need to go buy a Budweiser Beer to join the support. The commercial was played out in a sincere tone for Americans to see that every soldier deserves “a hero’s welcome.”

It’s a Parking Lot Party

Sumer Culberson, Staff Reporter
Web March 24, 2014

PEACHTREE RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL, SUWANEE – Students of Peachtree Ridge High School rave about the benefits of parent’s dropping their kids off in the student parking lot each morning.

Students were so enthusiastic about the “parking lot party” we decided o interview a few students and find out what all the hype is about.

When asked what their favorite part about parents in the student parking lot one junior said, “I am in no hurry on my way to school in the morning, so I enjoy the added stress and time it takes me to get to school and to my parking spot in the morning.”

“It’s like a real life version of my favorite game Rush Hour,” says one student.

Several students liked that the parents who blocked lanes and park in our spots gave them an excuse to spark up a lovely conversation. They enjoyed getting to meet and chat with all the lovely parents all before the sun even rose.

As you can see the student parking lot at Peachtree Ridge is the place to be in the morning. Maybe you want to also stop by and start your morning off right.

Personal Response to 1984

I have not finished the novel 1984; in fact I have only finished the first part of the book. So far I enjoy reading the book, and I think the idea behind it is relative to today’s world. There are actually several thematic ideas that relate directly to our world, which were discussed in the essay we wrote in class. Some ideas included the similarity of how we are monitored and how the ideas of torture are similar in both the book and the real world. Obviously the book is not the exact same as today’s government and that is what keeps the book interesting, in my opinion. There is still a sense of a dystopian novel, but now it is more relatable. I think this novel does a good job of making us question what we are getting ourselves into as our own government and people become paranoid, and it also makes us question where the government is headed. I have heard the ending is interesting, and to my understanding Winston is brain washed into believing in the government again. I find this interesting because the whole first part of the book he is questioning it and writes about his feelings toward Big Brother in a secret diary. It makes me wonder what the author is trying to say. Is he saying that the government always wins and you should not try to go up against it? I am interested in finishing the book to get a better understanding of the end and try to come up with my own thoughts about why and what message the author is trying to send.

Final Reflection

The last semester of high school is hardest for seniors because of all of the distractions around you. There are graduations, parties, celebrations, picnics, and much more. Each one of these makes it harder to focus while in school. During this last semester of my senior year I am glad to have taken this course. I have learned a new way of looking at and analyzing things like literature and news stories. I learned how to make a précis, which analyzes and explains what the piece of work is about and the message the author is looking to convey to the reader. As this class comes to an end I am taking with me a new perspective. The topic “The Age of Distraction”, social media in general, and privacy are ones that stuck with me. I am still in amazement at all the different things media can say about someone. I never really thought about the electronic tattoo I was leaving behind or how much information people could get just by what you do on your computer. All of this made me realize I need to be more conscientious about what I am doing on the internet because you never know who is watching or who will see it. Compared to other language arts classes I have taken over the four years here this one has by far been the most interesting. In fact I have never really been one in favor of language arts, but I must say after this class it gives me a new hope. I really enjoyed being able to have open discussions with everyone. It kept my attention. It was interesting to hear what others had to say especially when they were different form my own. Most of all I enjoyed the topics we learned about during this course. In the future I would do something more engaging with the books we read because I was one who got bored just reading day after day, but other than that definitely keep it the same because I for one enjoyed the class very much.