Newsletter Week 2 Term 2

St Peter's College 14th May 2021


Kia ora e te whanau

This week as part of our Teachers Only Day we are being challenged to become more culturally responsive in our thinking, our speaking, our listening and our doing. It is a FACT that Maori and Pasifika learners do not perform well in our current educational system. For too long we have avoided this TRUTH and said over and over, “I treat everyone the same no matter what their culture.” Well, the uncomfortable truth is that treating everyone the same is not equitable. If we focus on equity, recognising that not all individuals have the same opportunities and that not all systems are fit for all cultural backgrounds we can begin to right the past wrongs in education.

This year we have all been working on our Pepeha, how we introduce ourselves and share our background connections with each other. Most of you will be familiar with this and many of you can probably share your own. When I practice my Pepeha the idea of the place you are from, the Maunga/Mountain and Awa/river you were brought up alongside is really special and I often think about the Takitimu’s and the Aparima river as my grounding, calm place that I connect to.

Mountains are like school culture, they take time to form and to stay on course. That takes patience.

Mountains have a view on life and its direction. It looks great from the top. But we know avalanches happen.

Mountains are as much about engagement as perspective. The swirling west coast Haast River started in a mountain.

Mountains protect. They are unfazed by the fickle clouds.

Mountains cast aside the urgency of the now, the 24 hour news cycle, the roller-coaster stock market and trivial gossip over coffee cups!

If a mountain denies the river its water the river soon goes out of existence.

Parents and caregivers, we need, for the sake of our children, to think like a mountain.

We are called to see the big picture:

  • Where aspiration - not getting hand-outs - is the goal
  • Where community is a foundation rock
  • Where trivial politics are like fickle clouds
  • Where God has a name and is known
  • Where human dignity is the clothes we wear
  • Where Truth lives with Justice

I have a new found respect through my learning journey for our Maori Brothers and Sisters who refer to their ancestors, their Whakapapa and especially their mountains.

We are nearly halfway through 2021 already, getting through to the end is just like climbing a mountain.
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International Sports Day

The day out, late last term, for the International Sports Day was fabulous.

We met heaps of International students from around Southland. It was good to see International students from other schools and make new friends. We enjoyed the opportunity to socialise. I got to know some people while I was playing Squash and Badminton. Other sports that we could try included Futsal, Basketball, Pickleball and Volleyball. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we hope there is another International Sports Day in August.

Minjeong Kim – Year 13

NCEA changes and Professional Learning Days

Tēnā koutou,

As you will be aware there are significant changes coming in the way that NCEA will be assessed over the next few years. This why the St Peter’s staff will be engaged in a Professional Learning Day this Friday 14 May. There are two other days coming up this year dedicated to preparing for these changes, one in August and one in November. We will share more information about these changes as the year goes on.

However, a very important change, that has taken effect this year, is that students may only resubmit an assessment to an Achieved level. Historically students who were sitting on the cusp of a Merit or Excellence may have been able to make some minor adjustments to their assessments in order to improve their mark. This is no longer the case. Only assessments at a Not Achieved level will be eligible for a resubmission.

All of our senior students are aware of this and have been encouraged to take full advantage of all formative assessment opportunities that their teachers provide before submitting their final and summative assessment. As the assessment marks from the first term are made available to students, there may be some disappointment and concern regarding the ability to achieve an Excellence endorsed certificate.

I would encourage all students to put this to one side and focus all of their efforts on doing their best in the drafting, practice and formative assessment stages of preparation for future assessments. It would also be good to remember that there are still opportunites to achieve Excellence grades in the external assessments at the end of the year.

The key message to all senior students to is to make every learning moment and opportunity count. They should take advantage of every opportunity offered to them so as not to regret poor choices at the end of they year.

Nga mihi nui,

Bridget Ryan

DP Teaching and Learning

Whanau Conferencing sessions next Thursday, 20 May

Kia ora Whanau,

While we’ve been communicating with you via the fortnightly ATLs we’re keen to meet with you in person to discuss your children’s progress. We are holding the first of our Whanau Conferencing sessions next Thursday, 20 May from 2pm - 7pm in the Hall.

This invitation is extended to families of all students from year 7 – 13. It is an opportunity for year 7 and 8 parents to meet with specialist teachers (Science, Food Tech etc) now, and then engage in the Year 7 and 8 Student Led Conferences which will be held in week 4 with the Homeroom teachers.

Please book interviews with your children’s teachers on the School Interviews ( site using this code bskd2.

Looking forward to seeing you next week,

Bridget Ryan

Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning

Career Pathways Department

This week out on Gateway we have Taine Evans. Taine has been working at Nithdale station as a farm hand while undertaking Primary ITO theory papers in class.

Young Farmers Club Interclub Faceoff

At the end of Term 1 we we joined with the Gore High School TeenAg club to compete against Waitane Young Farmers in the Interclub Faceoff. We played a series of field sports and finished off with a quiz. It was awesome to see so many of our members there. Thanks to Waitane Young Farmers for hosting such a fun event - it was a great way to end the term. We look forward to challenging them to win the trophy back in Term 2!


There are still some kilts to come as soon as they arrive they will be handed out.

For these cooler days woollen vests ($80) and scarfs ($25) can be purchased from the uniform shop.

Long sleeve winter shirts and blouses available at H & J Smith and The Warehouse.

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Winter Sports

Winter Sports are all under way sounds like everyone got of to a good start. All the best for the season. Play hard and have fun!

Southland Secondary School Cross Country Championships:

Well done to all the students who participated in the Southland Cross Country Championships on Wednesday 12th May. Here are the results for the students who got 4th and above.

U13 Boys 3000m

Daniel Nelson – 2nd

U14 Girls 3000m

Harriet Baker – 3rd

Hannah Hargest 4th

U16 Boys 4000m

Ethan Friend – 2nd

Indoor bowls Tournament – Thursday 20th May. Please contact Jess Young in the PE Office if you are interested.

Upcoming events:

Indoor bowls tournament – Thursday 20th May

Eastern Primary cross country – Wednesday 9th June

Junior Catholic sports tournament – Thursday 10th June

Southland Primary cross country – Friday 18th June

SISS Swimming Champs – Saturday 19th June

Sports Registrations/ Events/ Draws will be online!

Keep an eye on the newsletter if you are interested in entering an event.

For registrations and draws please use the St Peter's College Facebook Sports page and also the St Peter's College website.

Schools Apps NZ (if you do not have this go to Play store app and download).

If you require any further information email or come and see Jess Young in the PE office.

Coming Up......

Whanau Conferencing 7pm - 20th May

Board of Trustees meeting - 18th May

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