electric construction

colton wild

education and training

Construction Management Associates Degree

A example of some classes are worked based learning, communication, and total safety performance. The cost would be $2,050. The number of credit hours are 73 hours.

Job Description

Electric construction usually works all week and its possible to work weekends. There work cloths are work pants and company shirts and boots. There responsibilities are to construct building frameworks, including walls, floors, & doors. The work environment is outdoors/buildings

salary and benefits

the annual wage for carpenters is 39,940 starting pay for apprentices usualy is between 30 and 50 percent of a fully trained carpenter makes. they work all week and could ork weekends. they get paid vacation time. They have a 401k and insurance.

job Availability

electrition helper, cdl driver, lineman, plumber, plumber helper are average number of job. types of business is Haynes heating and cooling yes because people are going to need something repaired or fixed.