The Bully

By : Paul Langan

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The Bully is about a boy named Darrell,he is an undersized fifteen year old. He used to live in Philadelphia,then his mom got a new job,so they moved to California.When they get there Darrell goes to the supermarket and runs into a boy named Tyray,a big bully. While Darrell went in he met a girl an he really likes her.

The following months where a big mess.Then Darrell sees a wrestling flyer and decides to join. As Darrell becomes more fit over the next few months,there was a dance, Darrell takes Amber to the dance and runs home because he got thrown in the trash can. A few days later he decides to confront Tyray and starts wrestling Tyray. While Darrell wrestled him Darrell broke Tyray's wrist.They went to the office and then Tyray got suspended.Then he and his friends had a good rest of the year. ( He is a little worried about facing someone else.)

The Character

Darrell starts out as a boy that is a little too small for his age,but when he gets to California he runs into Tyray. Then, he finds himself working out and joining the wrestling team. He also has feelings for a girl,so he changes his attitude a little.(Definitely around her.) So Darrell changes physically and emotionally. Another reasons is he wants to prove his uncle wrong about not being a muscular man.
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Paul Langan

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania on January 26,1972.In 1991 he got into Camden County College , in a few months later he transferred to La Salle University. He got his masters degree and now lives just walking distance away.Did you know that he wrote his books on past experiences???? Click on the link below to find out more about Paul Langan .
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My comparison is a show I watch on television, it is about a girl named Riley. She does not move but she gets bullied and doesn't tell anyone. Then she finally gets fed up with it and tells her friends. After her friends know,she confronts her and she finally stops. Instead of physically she verbally tells her to stop.Then she feels a lot better about herself just like Darrell.
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