Horror High

Wide Reading Assignment

Section A- the plot :

Holly and her 6 frinds are looking for enthusiasm when terrible darkness unleashes upon them. Holly and her freinds go walking through the woods at midnight when a virsurs vampire comes upon them. "What are you doing in my secert hide out" says the angry vampire This time they have made a mistake that will change their lives.


My assumption of Horror High, In 10 years time is that one of Holly's friends will fall in love with the vampire. This prediction has caused me to thing more about the reason why Holly's friend wanted to stay rather leave then leave her normal life. Holly and her other friends cry their self to sleep now and then telling themselfs that everything was going to be okay and that one day Holly's friend would come back the same.


If I wore to interview the author Of Horror High my ten questions would be:

~What gave the author Caroline B. Cooney want to write books

~who inspired her to write the book

~is the book based of any of her friends or family

~what is her favourite book she wrote

~if she had the chance to go back and change a few things would she and why?

~what her favourite number/colour or food is

~what is the name of those that encourage her to read

~why reading and writing is a such a big part of her life

~why she wrote the book

Are there any other books she wrote or about to write


  • Caroline B. Cooney is an American author of suspense, romance, horror, and mystery books for young adults. She currently resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina.Wikipedia

  • Born: May 10, 1947 (age 66), Geneva, New York, United States

    Education: Greenwich High School

    Nominations: Edgar Award for Best Young Adult