Kindergarten @ Golbow

January 13-17, 2014

What we are working on this week...

Writing: "How to" writing

Reading: Patterns and retelling stories, surprise ending patterns

Math: Decomposing numbers

Social Studies: Martin Luther King

Science: wants vs. needs

Word Work: Hearing Long Vowels, Word Features

Handwriting: C O Q G

What's happening at Golbow??

School holiday on Monday for Martin Luther King Day.

Pennies for Patients

We are collecting "Pennies for Patients". Your child should be bringing a small collection box home to collect their change. We are going to work as a class to see how much change we can collect and the school goal is to collectively gather $2,600. to go to this worthwhile charity helping out the families of children who are in the hospital. The class that collects the most wins a pizza party!

Places to Read

To spark the desire to read in your children, we have collected some useful tips for you to consider. Feel free to make use of those that work well for you and your children, and to add your own ideas.

In addition to the usual reading places a couch, an overstuffed armchair, a child's bed-consider less traditional ones:

· Outside under a shady tree, in a sandbox or a hammock, or at a nearby park.

· Toss a sheet over a clothesline or table to create a reading hideaway.

· Keep a book in the glove compartment of your car for long road trips or traffic delays.

· Spread a blanket on the floor for an indoor reading picnic.

Use your imagination. Almost every room in your house offers exciting reading possibilities.

Bathtub Finger Paint Recipe


1/3 cup of clear, mild liquid dish


1 tablespoon corn starch

Food coloring


Mix liquid detergent and corn starch together in a small bowl until blended. Pour the mixture, in equal parts, into several sections of a plastic ice cube tray. Add 1 to 2 drops of food coloring to each section of the tray and mix with a small spoon.

* Use paints in the bathtub to practice spelling, play hangman and tic-tac-toe!