Digital Citizenship Project

Brittney L P6

Rule#1: Digital Etiquette

Think before you post-

to be nice don't be rude also don't write in all cap letter because it look like you are scarying.

Rule#2: Information Privacy

Do not on ads-

because you mite be spam, and also mine get your credit card be identity theft.

Rule#3: Social Networking

You can do a lot of on the internet-

you can make friend, but you have to be careful for what you post on the internet.

Rule#4: Online Safety

Tell Somebody-

If you see some thing weird online tell a teacher.

Rule#5: Cyber Bullying

Don't Cyber Bullying-

Don't Cyber Bullying because it can hart some one feeling.

Rule#6: Plagiarism

Don't Plagiarism-

If you Plagiarism on a paper for school you will be in trouble and get a F.

Rule#7: Copyright

Copyright is wrong-

If you Copyright you mite get soud.