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November 13,2015


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Nov 14- Day one of Gun Season for Deer

November 18-Board Meeting at Avilla-6:00-SeeSaw Presentation

Nov. 23-Fund Raiser Convo-1:30

Nov 25-27-Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 9-Elem Christmas Program-6:30--Grade K, 2 and 4

Dec 12- Staff gathering for Christmas--3:00

Dec 19-Start of Break

Jan 15-Avilla Night at ENHS BB Game

Flip Out..

Ruth Ayres is an instructional writing coach in northern Indiana. She has created flipped writing lessons for K-5. Her plan is to continue adding new lessons frequently. See all of her lessons with links to charts, resources and videos on the link below.

Here is a link to her new site.

Safety with Capt. Andy

There is never going to be a step by step guide for teachers that will tell them exactly what to do if there is a violent intruder into OUR building, but this is a simple breakdown that is something to think about.



What action gives me the best chance to survive? Quickly evaluate and act.

a.) RUN OUT. Can I safely get to a safer location? If yes, do so immediately. Don’t wait

for others to validate your decision. Leave your belongings behind.


b.) HIDE OUT. If you can’t get out safely, find a place to hide. Look for a place that offers some protection, is well hidden, and offers options for movement.


When you are in a safe location, immediately call out to authorities via 911,

don’t assume someone else already has called. Tell the dispatcher:

a.) Where you are.

b.) Who the shooter is; name if known and description.

c.) The current location of the shooter.

d.) Number and types of weapons involved.

e.) Injuries you are aware of.


If you must HIDE OUT, do what you can to stay unnoticed and keep the

shooter out.

a.) Lock the room door if possible.

b.) Turn off the room lights.

c.) Block the door with heavy objects.

d.) Keep quiet, put cell phones and pagers on silent/vibrate.


If there are two or more people in a space, spread out.

a.) Spreading out, rather than huddling together, causes the shooter to hesitate in looking for


b.) This also gives you more options for action and opportunities to get out.

c.) Before you spread out, quickly and quietly plan what to do if the shooter enters the area.


d.) Everyone in the space must get into a survival mindset and commit to working together

to survive.

e.) Remain calm, which can be contagious, and keeps others focused on survival.


If a shooter enters your space, assume his/her intentions are lethal.

a. Stick to your plan to take out the shooter, others will follow when you act.

b. Use anything you have with you and in the room as weapons.

c. As soon as the shooter enters, yell loudly and throw things at him/her, aiming for the face.

His/her first reaction will be to shield himself/herself. Rush at the shooter to overcome him/her.