Natural Light

By Kingsley Tucker


In the Science and Math class of 6th grade at the Lovett Middle School, they have chosen sustainable topics about the Lovett Middle School to research, graph, and learn about.

Light Bulbs vs Natural Light

These pictures show how natural light gives more brightness than light bulbs, and natural light is free of charge and saves electricity throughout the school year.

Data Chart

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The reason this is a good graph to use is because it shows how the usage of electricity can be lowered when using more natural light. The red represents 2013 usage of electricity in the Portman Family Middle School, and the blue represents 2014. This graph helps to show how the Lovett School can decrease the electricity usage in just a year with using more natural light. In 2013, the highest usage was almost 60,000 kWh, but in 2014 the highest was only 58,000 kWh. That means the Lovett Middle School saved a whole 2,000 kWh! People in this world can save so much more electricity if they mainly rely on natural light.

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