Children in the Factory

Child labor during the 19th century -Elliot McLaughlin

Wages and Hours

  • Most kids worked 12-14 hours per day
  • Only received about a hour for break total every day
  • In the most extreme cases kids worked 19 hours a day
  • At the age of eight kids got 3/5 of a penny
  • Orphans were paid the least, because factory owners gave them food, shelter, and clothing

Young Girls after their Shift

This is a photo of five teen age girls after their 13 hour shift in a factory.
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What were their Jobs?

  • At the start of the 1800's is when most kids started working on farms and in facatories
  • Some jobs would include, working in the coal mine, being a chimney sweep, and some were rat catchers
  • Two of the most harsh jobs were working down in the coal mines and being a chimney sweep
  • The coal mines were a important part of all factories so you were expected to work nonstop with minimal lighting
  • Being a chimney sweep was such a dufficult job, esceially the first sevaral times you did it because the chimneies were so tight you would scrape your skin raw

3-6 year old boy chimeny sweep

Since chimnys were small and tight companies had to use small kids. This is a 3-6 year old is being pulled out of a chimney by an overseer.
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accidents kids suffered from

  • Over one thousand injuries were reported in one year because of machinery
  • When a childs arm got stuck in a mcahine they could have got their skin and muscles ripped from their bones
  • There were cases of kids getting stuck in shafts and being slung around and ripped apart into a thousand peices
  • In the coal mines boys were lost in the mine shafts or got their limbs ripped of by the carts

Kid who lost an arm and leg during work

This kid lost an arm and a leg during his job at a factory. He worked there for two years ,and know one noticed when he left.
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Punishments for the kids

  • If the kids were late to work or were caught talking they would be strapped by an overseer until they turned black and blue
  • Kids were beaten with a stick if they stop working
  • If kids ran away from the factory they could go to prison
  • They were beaten until they were unconscious and sometime to death

Three kids being punished after stoping their machines

These Three kids were thrown down a pit after they stoped their machines for a break
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How they tried to stop it

  • In 1833 Britain passed the Factory Act, this limited the hours kids could work
  • Kids under 9 were not allowed to work
  • Kids 9-13 years old could only work 8 hours a day
  • Kids 14-18 years oldcould work no more than 12 hours a day

Factory Act of 1833

This is th Factory Act of 1833, witch restricted the hours kids could work
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