Early Presidential Challenges

Boldly going where no one has gone before.

Why was it so Challenging to be President during the early years of the United States?

When you are the first person to try something, it will often be challenging. The first few presidents of the United states struggled with defining how a president should act and what to do. In this flyer we will explore the challenges of being one of the first Presidents.

1. Disbanded Army

In 1789, George Washington's army that helped him win the Revolutionary war, disbanded. At the time it costed too much to keep strong and balance out everything else. The citizen's did not like the army as well, they believed it could take away their rights they fought for.

2. Foreign Policy

Imagine starting from scratch with a country... living hell. We still have problems with the foreign policy today. Now add more countries, and Native Americans into the equation. Not a great idea.

3. Citzens

Many citizens strongly disagree with tax policies. They would tar and feather tax collectors and state that this isn't the country that they asked for. Without taxes the government cannot last. Obviously a major problem.