Tridigital Learning

A balance between past, present and future

My classroom goal

Change is hard and is met with a lot of resistance, this can be seen in education more than any other profession. Our school systems have been stuck in the past and it is time for change. Does there need to be a sudden change that completely throws the education system on its head? No. Teachers need to be able to incorporate modern technology into the tradition classroom and look into the future to stay ahead of the curve. Children are learning how to read on the iPad, why wouldn't we incorporate how students learn the best into our classrooms. Being a new teacher and growing up with technology in my life gives me an advantage. I feel comfortable around technology, it is apart of my everyday life so I have no problems incorporating it in my classroom. The majority of my textbooks I've purchased have been eBooks, I've grown up being able to whip out a presentation using a computer in 20 minutes. I'm excited to be the part of the change in education, I am dedicated to the students to give them the best possible learning experience and that includes technology.

Connected Classroom

Using Technology as a Tool

Edutool makes a great argument in the cause of technology in the classroom. The biggest argument against technology is that it desensitizes the children during a person to person conversation. The truth is that more professional interactions are happening through video chat and the internet that our students need to know how to interact through it. Students still need to learn how to speak and write properly in order to be a professional but more interactions are happening over the internet instead of in person. Our students need to use technology throughout their lives and that includes using it in the classroom.

Why Technology in the Classroom is Important

There are millions of great resources and websites that have arguments on how awesome technology is and why it's important to include it in our classroom. Edudemic is just one of those many websites that have both for access. It focusses on how students are able to connect with others across the globe and have the world at their fingertips. And we as teachers need to exploit this technology and be at the front of the curve. If we want our students to be the President or CEO then we need to give them access to the latest and greatest so they are at the forefront of a changing world. Our present is looking brighter because we have looked to the past and are trying to learn from our mistakes. We need to continue to move forward as educators and teach our students about technology, and more importantly let them teach us about technology.