AARI Learning Lab

Live, Unscripted, Collaborative Learning

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Thursday, October 20


It's a bit of an early start, but it's also an earlier end time than normal. Jill promises to bring coffee! :)


AM @ Rochester

PM @ Clarenceville


Visit two AARI classes and engage in professional dialogue around instructional practices, student engagement, and other topics that are relevant to you.

Bring your Passport to be stamped for SCECHs.

Register @ AARI miPLACE Group

  1. Register on miPLACE AARI group > Community Events > Learning Lab > October 20 date (and any other date you'd like to attend)
  2. We'll email you with the schedule with specific times and locations

miPLACE: Virtual Professional Community

miPLACE is a virtual professional community developed at Oakland Schools. Register for Learning Labs and other professional learning opportunities through the miPLACE AARI group.

If you haven't already, create your own FREE account here. If you hit any snags, please contact Caroline to unsnag things.

If you're unable to register through miPLACE, don't let that keep you from coming to hangout! Email Jill to get registration information.