Who's ready to up their sparkle?

Join my booking blitz bonanza!

Here are the rules!

For every "No" you get, receive 1 point! For every "Yes" you get, receive 3 points
**BONUS** Receive 5 points for every NEW May & June show booked between now and May 15th (why? - this is the DOUBLE GLAM POINTS earning period!!)

**Contest starts NOW and closes on Sunday, May 12th at 8pm EST**

Here's what the prizes will be!
25-34 points: $10 Starbucks gift card
35-44 points: pack of look books
45+ points: Bring It Jewelry Tote (I'll make sure it's a color you don't already have)

AND the team member who books the most trunk shows will receive the Ikat Utility Tote to help transport her jewelry to all of her May trunk shows!

Step One

Warm up your contacts!
Send an email link, tag them in a Facebook post, text or CALL!!!

Step Two
Just book it! Make the call, book the show (or hear the No - remember, for every 10 people you ask you will only book 1-2 shows)

Step Three
Keep posting pictures of your sheet and/or post your updates under the Booking Blitz Post I have created in our Facebook Group of your sheet and entries (for every show booked, please write in hostess name and date of show - remember it's for NEW SHOWS BOOKED only, not for ones you already have in the system!)
On Sunday, post your completed sheet in our Facebook Group (or email it to me!)

Need some help/more booking tips? Join the Home Office led Booking Blitz call today at 3pm EST or tomorrow night at 8pm EST! You can find the details for those calls plus much more training available to you in our Home Office Training Calendar!

Booking in Tight: http://sdu.stelladot.com/node/4098
Booking From Scratch: http://sdu.stelladot.com/node/4096
Confident Close: http://sdu.stelladot.com/content/confident-close-1

Tips and Words to Say:
Booking Steps: http://sdu.stelladot.com/content/booking
May Words to Say: http://sdu.stelladot.com/sites/sdu.stelladot.com/files/MayWTS_Final.pdf

Email Templates:

Can't wait to hear our results!