Global Poverty & Development

UNIS Conference for T3 and T4 students

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Conference Overview

“Ours is a world of fabulous wealth and extreme poverty, of billions of people enjoying longevity and good health unimaginable in previous generations. Yet it is also a world in which at least 1 billion people live in such abject poverty that they struggle for mere survival every day. The poorest of the poor face the daily life-and-death challenges of insufficient nutrition, lack of health care, unsafe shelters, and the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation.” - Jeffrey Sachs

  • Do we have a moral duty to reduce poverty globally?

  • If so, what strategies are the most effective?

  • Do international institutions such as the UN, World Bank and IMF help or hinder development?

  • How can we bring about development while at the same time respecting the planetary boundaries?

This day-long conference, for all T3 and T4 students, will allow us to reflect on these questions, to celebrate recent achievements in moving millions out of extreme poverty, while at the same time focus on the challenges, setbacks and complexities within the field of development.

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

Linking Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

This session will engage you in a simulation that will make use of data from different countries to demonstrate links between economic growth and poverty reduction, and the differences that good policies can make in otherwise similar growth scenarios.

This session will be led by, George Gray, Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP.