Leopard Geckos

Featuring My Leopard Gecko, Saturn.

What are they?

Leopard geckos live in South Africa and Asia and Pakistan. These animals are popular pets, but many still live in Pakistan and Africa. These geckos eat crickets, mealworms, waxmorms, and super worms. Leopard geckos often yawn after eating a healthy, fufilling meal. Geckos live in hot, dry places, but for proper shedding, require a humid hide. Hides are a big part of a leopard geckos life. A leopard gecko will normally have a cool hide, hot hide, and a humid hide. Leopard geckos normally live in 80-90 degree tempurature. They enjoy walking around, hunting, and playing at night. Leopard geckos come out during the day once or twice to walk around but go back to their hide to rest for the night. Leopard geckos' tails are a big part of their life. Leopard geckos store fat in their tail, in which a case where they cannot find food, a leopard gecko can use their tail fat to provide for themselves when food is not available. But a tail leopard geckos can be pulled or fall off if they fell very threatened. This does not hurt the leopard gecko, but they cannot store fat in their tail, which can be a major disadvantage. Leopard geckos will never FULLY re-grow their tail, but can re-grow a small stub in place of their broken tail. When a gecko loses their, tail it is very stressful and can sometimes make them very sick. A leopard gecko is also prone to infection when it loses its tail. Leopard geckos shed every 2-3 weeks. A leopard gecko requires a humid hide to she'd properly. Before shedding, a leopard gecko's skin will become very gray, white, and it will look like its in a black and white movie. Then, the leopard gecko, will start to shed. The higher the humidity, the easier it is for them to shed. This is very weird, but when the skin is loose enough, the gecko will start to EAT his skin. This may seem very bizarre, but this is natural. Leopard geckos eat their skin to get the nutriants from the skin to use. After shedding, the leopard gecko will have fresh, clean, bright colored skin.

Leopard geckos are a TYPE of gecko. Many people mistake this, but ALL leopard geckos are a MORPH. Leopard geckos are all the same. Morphs separate colors, not diet, body, behavior, etc. There are lots of different morphs in leopard geckos, but all this means is they have a different body color.

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