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IPhone 6s was it a Fail?

IPhone 6s was not one of the Apple's best product. The number of iPhone 6s sold was 13 million compared to iPhone 6 which was 39 million. The apples iPhone 6s had some cool new features like the 3D touch. The 3D touch let you have more option on the icon by pressuring your finger on to it for a faster and quicker action. Although this is a cool new feature, it did not guarantee a successful sale. The iPhone 6S' weak performance dragged down Apple. Will the iPhone 7 bring apple back on the road or will this be Apple's last days of glory? Rumors have been The iPhone has guaranteed to bring apple back on the road. Apple is changing the design and adding a lot of other features. including a nice smooth glassy curved body and better camera. Rumors have also been that Apple is taking of the headphone jack and are adding a wireless charging dock.

BY: Hunter

The NBA Playoffs

The 2016 NBA season has been a crazy one. Record-breaking team and players, rising start, busts, and much more. The Warriors set a record for the best team in NBA history and the Spurs were right behind them in the west. In the east, the Cleveland Cavilers take the 1 seed and the pacers just sneak in with the 7 seed. Today my partner (Coleman) and I (Jack Goodrich) are here to talk to you about who we think will be facing each other in the eastern and western conference finals and who will be in the NBA Finals and who will win it all.

The western conference has some very good team 1-8 and there are 3 particular teams that we think have a very good chance of winning it all. The Warriors, of course, the Spurs and the Thunder. The Warriors have the 1 seed, with the Spurs at the 2 and the Thunder at the 3. We think the Warriors will make it to the Western conference finals easily but we think there is an entreating matchup between the Spurs and the Thunder. Even though to Spurs are the higher seed. We think the Thunder will edge them out in 7 games. We think this because the Spurs are older and we think the thunder will be too quick and will have more energy in games 6 and 7 in the series if it gets there. So we have the Warriors and the Thunder in the western conference finals. Right now Steph Curry (Warriors) is hurt with an MCL sprain. We think if he is not back by the time this series starts, we think the Thunder will win it in 6 games and move on to the NBA championship. But if he is back we think the Warriors will win it in 6 games. Out in the west its wild and this should be and interesting rest of the playoffs.

The eastern Conference has always been dominated by LeBron James and this year was no different as he and the Cleveland Cavilers went on to get the 1 seed. We thought the heat would make a good run but right now they are experiencing a scare by the Charlotte Hornets down 3 games to 2. We think the cavilers will rule the eastern conference again this year making it to the eastern conference finals. We think that the Raptors will speak one out in 7 games against the Hawks. In the eastern conference finals, we think the Cavilers will beat the Raptors in 5 games and advance to the NBA finals.

For the NBA Finals, we have a rematch from last year. The Cleveland Cavilers against the Golden State Warriors. Without Steph Curry, the Warriors could be in trouble but if he is back it will be a repeat of last year with the Warriors winning but this year we think it will be closer and think the Warriors will win in 7 games. So we think the Warriors are going to go back to back winning the NBA Finals.

BY: Jack and Coleman

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New functional programming language can generate C, Python code for apps

Futhark, an open source functional programming language designed for creating

code that runs on GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit), instead of the normal CPU

(Central Processing Unit). Most GPU programming involves using frameworks like

OpenCL or CUDA, both of which use variations of C or C++ to generate code that

runs on the GPU. Futhark's creators claim that the expressiveness of the language

makes it easier to describe complex operations that use parallelism. This includes the ability to support nested parallelization's.

BY: Sam

How many times do people Snapchat a day?

Snapchat is a video messaging application. It was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown Poster. They created Snapchat in 2011 when they were students at Stanford University. Snapchat users collectively receive 400 million "Snaps" a day. 88% of these "Snaps" are sent to just one other person. The average teenager now gets more "snaps".
By: Maria, Tristen, Camila, and Jaden

The Powers of Mother Nature

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia. Shaped like a figure-8, it’s divided into two parts-Tahiti Nui and Tahiti lti. With black-sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and two extinct volcanoes. Tahiti is home to the heaviest waves in the world called Teahupoo. Teahupoo is actually a village in Tahiti but since the waves are at Teahupoo they call the wave Teahupoo. The waves reach about 20-30 feet high but it isn’t famous for its height but for its thickness. Imagine riding a 20-foot wave that’s as heavy as a building and falling off into a razor sharp reef. The reef is only about 5 feet under the water’s surface! People die all the time trying to surf these beasts, but if you survive it’s like winning the lottery. Now how do we predict what the waves are like? Wave forecasters have machines called “Vector Regression Support” this electronic machine uses math equations to predict what the waves are like and transforms them into wave parameters. Tahiti is an amazing place to visit but when you visit Teahupoo you will know how powerful Mother Nature is!


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Students Demonstrate Proficiency in Web Design

Students in Mrs. Meringolo’s ICT 2 classes are taking CHARGE of their futures by equipping themselves with 21st Century skills that will help them enjoy profitable prospects! Congratulations to our students who worked hard learning how to create and design web pages, and the MANY students who earned a Digital Tool Certificate in Web Design!

Web Developer Fast Facts:

Job Description: Web Developers use their creative and technical genius to design and create websites

Average Annual Salary: $63,490

Entry-Level Education: Associate’s Degree

Number of Jobs in 2014: 148,500

Projected Increase in Jobs Through 2024: 27%

Microsoft Using DNA to Store Data by Gabe

The Seattle based computer giant Microsoft is looking for a new way to store data more efficiently, and it seems they have found it. The Microsoft Corporation has teamed up with the University of Washington and Twist Bioscience to begin trying to encode binary data into DNA using base pairs. One gram of DNA is capable of storing up to a zettabyte(1 trillion gb) of data. Over a phone interview, Twist CEO Emily Leproust stated that Twist has no idea what data they are encrypting, as Microsoft has not provided them a decryption key. Microsoft has stated, however, that they have had a 100% success rate in recovering the data using DNA sequencing. There is also evidence that supports DNA being a very efficient method of storage, having been reported to stay intact for thousands of years. Also, the cost of DNA sequencing, the method used to decrypt the DNA, has dropped from 1 billion US dollars in 2001 to 1,000 dollars today and will continue to drop. Microsoft said that while there is not going to be a commercial version of this technology for a few years, it is out there and functioning properly, ready to be used one day.

By: Gabe

Phantom 4 By Aren

Drones they seem to be more popular every day and the phantom 4 is the best there is and used by very many people. Even thou this drone comes at a cost of 1,400 it can fly up to a maximum speed of 44mph, it can avoid obstacles automatically and smart return. The dji can be used for many things from getting footage to see the city or just fly it out around outside.

By: Aren and Brinson

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