Spaulding Staff Bulletin

October 16, 2015

Mandatory Reporting

If a mandated reporter reasonably suspects child abuse or neglect, he/she is legally required to make a report to DCF within 24 hours of the time the information is received or observed. This can be distressing for staff in determining if they should or shouldn't; or wondering if the information is current or already addressed. When in doubt - report!

Administration and guidance counselors are more than willing to process each situation with individual staff and help with the reporting. Ultimately, however, the report needs to come from the person with first-hand information.

Here's an outline for reporting a concern to DCF:

*(optional) Seek help from administration or guidance.

Call DCF at 1-800-649-5285 within 24 hours of becoming aware of the situation.

To expedite the report, a report may be written ahead of time outlining the information that will be reported. This is also helpful so that all details are included. The option to submit a written report as a follow up will also be given during the reporting session. The student information (name, age / birthdate, parent / guardian contact information) will be requested. The person taking the report may also ask if the parent / guardian is aware of the report being made - this does not require that they be contacted, but if they are not part of the report it is generally better to inform them that a report has been made.

Inform administration.

This can be in person or via email. All that we are asking for is the student's name and the intake number.

A staff person reporting to DCF can also follow up with DCF 48 - 72 hours later by calling the hotline and stating the intake number. DCF will inform the person if DCF is accepting the report (which means they will follow up) or declining the report (which means they are not taking action). It is not required to follow up with DCF, but many prefer to know for their own purposes.

There may be a need for DCF to follow up with the staff person making the report. This is not frequently the case, but be aware that there is that potential, or that the name of the mandatory reporter will be released. This should not be concerning and should not be part of the determination to report or not. Again, if there are concerns, please see an administrator - we are very willing to work with individuals through this process.

Parent Teacher Conferences

I want to thank everyone for making this fall's parent teacher conference so meaningful. We had a total of 609 conferences scheduled for a total of 205 students. Some staff reached out to families to encourage them to sign up. I also know that many staff members had to make additional arrangements to conference with families, whether to accommodate their schedules or because the teachers' schedules were already booked. We are still collecting the data, but with only about half of the teachers reporting in thus far, we have had 83 email conferences, 13 phone conferences, and 15 alternative meeting conferences. I appreciate the flexibility and extra effort to make this happen. Working collaboratively with families is a great benefit for our students. I truly appreciate the efforts of all staff to help provide a welcoming and collaborative environment for our families. Thank you!

Burdett Award Kudos

In honor of Robert Burdett, principal of Spaulding High School from 1971 - 1979, we recognize students for the qualities he so valued. These students are recommended by staff in recognition that their daily presence and performance helps enhance SHS. Students, through their hard work, disposition and achievement, are awarded the Burdett award on a quarterly basis. We hold a breakfast and present them with certificates, as well as mail letters home with the specific recommendations. This is a wonderful tradition in celebrating some of our students. Please commend these students and we look forward to more recommendations for the next quarter.

Grade 12: Brandon Aldrich, Ryan Allen, Emily Boisvert, Heidi Breault, Darren Chambers, Teliesin Doyle, Hailee Holt, Paul Lavallee, Brooklyn Newton, Zachary Renaud, Kelsea Rheault, Matthew Starzec, Gregory Thivierge, Nicholas Vitagliano

Grade 11: Julian Bartold, Abigail Beach, Simeon Davis, Gabriel Fajobi, Hannah Fuller, Patrick Lucey, Kaitlyn Lussier, Caitlin Mahoney, Erin Paterson, Kevin Raper, Julia Stacy, Branden Ward, Braxton Williams

Grade 10: Anna Beach, Zachary Bullock, Jack Caple, Connor Coache, Amber Cote, Ruth Dudley, Brianne Hebert, Chloe Lamphere, Anthony Maurice, Hannah McMahon, Katherine Norwood, Agibale Savoie, Jasmine Sawyer

Grade 9: Marcus Carr, Madison Cooley, Madison Heath, Jonathan Hutchinson, Collin King, Ashlyn Liimatainen, Steven Poulin, Kassidy Swift, Makenna Taylor, Mason York