Penderwicks have a Perfect Summer

The Penderwicks


In the Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall, A theme shown throughout the story is Siblings. On page 179 the book says "Am I odd? Is there something wrong with me, like Mrs.Tifton said?"
Skye knelt down on the wet grass and looked straight into Batty's eyes. "No you stupid idiot, there's nothing wrong with you." This shows that the siblings all care for one another. The book also says " “People sometimes make unexpected choices when they're lonely.” This relates to siblings because when you have siblings you don't feel so alone.

The Penderwicks Complete Their Summer by Having an Amazing Adventure

The Adventure

The Penderwicks, consisting of Rosalind, Skye, Jane, Batty, their father, and Hound, go to a beautiful estate called Arundel. There, they meet Jefferey, son of the estate owner, Mrs. Tifton. They go on many adventures which includes saving Batty from a giant bull in the meadow. But Mrs. Tifton is not very fond of the Penderwick siblings and of course they are a mischievious bunch, so they get into trouble with Mrs. Tifton a lot.

Jeanne Birdsall

Jeanne Birdsall was born in 1951. Jeanne was raised in Philadelphia. She created the Penderwicks series.This book has won the National Book Award. She plans to make a series that consists of five books. So, she has two more books to go.