How Does Conflict Lead To Change?

By: Ellie Mortensen

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When light shines on a prism it comes out on the other side in the colors of the rainbow. Light is refracted inside the prism which represents conflict, and comes out changed into the spectrum of colors. This represents the question because conflict physically happens and creates something more beautiful and breathtaking.

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Mary Oliver's "The Journey" by Glenda Miles

Mary Oliver's The Journey

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This poem is about trying to please everyone. Its hard to please everyone and do what people want her to do. She is fed up with doing everything that others wanted and realizes that she has her own voice. The conflict is within her and she overcomes and becomes more confident.

Micheal Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

Micheal Vey: The Prisoner Of Cell 25

The Prisoner of Cell 25 is a story where innocent people are corrupted and shows how one person can cause the surest opinions to change. Hatch is an evil man and captures the electric kids. He brain washes the electric kids to make them think its okay to kill other humans. This is something that is seen as wrong to most people and Hatch made them think its okay. "' He asked me to kill someone.' 'So what.' 'So what?' Taylor said. 'How can you say that' Tara turned on her. 'They're just people!' (216)" Hatch has made Tara think it's okay to kill a human. He pushes these kids through torture to get them to do terrible things. This conflict leads to a change that causes innocent children to become corrupted. This is a conflict that leads to a change for the worse.

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Connect! The Civil War

A Summary of the Civil War

A Summary of The Civil War

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The Civil War was one of the greatest conflicts of all time. This Conflict started to preserve the Union but, eventually became about slavery. It was change that was great for some people but bad for others. In The Prisoner of Cell 25 the electroclan fights for freedom just like some black men did during the course of the war. The Civil War was a four year struggle that forced the South to change their way of labor just like Micheal forced Hatch to change his plan. This historical event is a great conflict where to conflicting opinions clash. This conflict ended with the North winning which forced some people to change their ways of living. That was a dramatic change for them and was hard but had to be done. In this case, this was a good change for the North and African Americans but was seen as a horrible change in the South, proving that one change can be good for some and bad for others.

Nobody's Princess

Nobody's Princess

Nobody's Princess is the story of a woman who is fighting against the feelings of society. She is conflicted against society's feelings and her feelings. “Even if I was pretty, it wasn’t going to be enough to bring me the life I wanted: one where I was free to make choices that mattered, one where people listened to what I had to say. Aphrodite had the beauty; Zeus had the thunderbolts. Everyone loved Aphrodite, but everyone listened to Zeus. I’d never get my hands on a thunderbolt, so if I wanted to be free, I’d better find a way to get my hands on the next best thing: a sword. (35-36)" Everyone said that Helen was pretty and would be a great queen but Helen wants to become a hero that everyone listens to. Even though this conflict brings her respect in the end, Helen had to fight hard for her thunderbolt. She had to sneak out to get the proper training so no one would see her and send her back to the palace. She eventually overcomes conflicts physically, like fighting a boar; as well as mentally, like the opinions of society. She helps change the image of a women and proves that women are warriors.

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Deadly Little Secret

Deadly Little Secret

In Deadly Little Secret, Cameila has conflicts with herself about whether to trust Ben, a mysterious new character. " You're in danger. He says again. But I want to help you. (91)" She ends up trusting Ben right before things take a turn and trusting him pays off. This conflict inside her mind and the change is her trusting Ben.

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Connect! Trust

I told my brother my phone password because he kept asking me to trust him. I also told him never to open it without my permission. One day I caught him on my phone in front of his friends, so I took the phone away and I couldn't trust him with it anymore. This relates to Deadly Little Secret because I also wondered if I should trust him and I finally did but instead of it paying off, it made me feel hurt.