Europe's Fortress


  1. Serbia, formerly the political and cultural center of Yugoslavia, is today a landlocked country in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in Central Southeastern Europe. The country is the northern remain of the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. The climate type is a cross between a continental climate and an Adriatic climate.

Serbia as a Country

Republic. Serbia was one of six republics that made up the country of Yugoslavia, which broke up in the 1990s. In Feb. 2003, Serbia and Montenegro were the remaining two republics of rump Yugoslavia, forming a loose federation. In 2006, Montenegro split from Serbia.

The biggest subculture in Serbia is the Dizelasi, Which roughly translates into diesel boys. Diesel Boys were a members of youth subculture that emerged in the 1990s in Serbia. The name Diesel Boys comes from Diesel jeans which was popular among youth in Serbia in 1990’s. Name Diesel Boys also been attributed to the fact that many of them deal with illegal activities, such as smuggling fuel. At that time, Serbia has been under United Nations economic sanctions, which meant that Serbia was prohibited any trade with other countries. It was hard to get any goods not made ​​in Serbia. Brands such as Diesel jeans, Nike, Reebok, BMW, Marlboro have become a status symbol since it had been difficult to obtain.

Folkways includes the Kolo Dance, The Bozeman Magpie, and women only performing domestic work.


The country of Serbia Speaks several different languages. Serbian, Albanian and Croatian.


A few taboos are having multiple wives. And the other one is that marriages arent solemized until the first child is born.