Controlled Atmosphere Packaging

Emma Dargan

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Steady state environment comprising of a special blend of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, monitored and maintained to extend the shelf life certain products in a warehouse or storage area.

Some people ask how has CAP affected the access to fruits and vegetables..Well i have the answer

CAP affects access to fruit and veggies by the gas mixture will constantly change due to metabolic activity of the respiring fruits and vegetables in the store and leakage of gases through doors and walls.

what other foods and markets have been affected by CAP

Although recent economic turmoil has put its stamp over many industries worldwide, the MAP & CAP industry continues to be robust and in many countries is expected to exhibit strong growth prospects. Developed nations are experiencing a saturated state at the moment, in terms of MAP & CAP, but this can be seen as a great opportunity for many companies to introduce sophisticated, value-added new product developments.

What is the FDA's responsibilty for food sold in the US?

The FDA's responsibility for food sold in the US is to regulate which food is okay to use and eat in the United States.

What are consumer concerns related to CAP?

Shelf-life and quality of fresh fishery products can be extended by the use of a modified atmosphere and high barrier film packaging coupled with refrigerated storage.