Symbolism in Walk Two Moons

By: Emma Cochran

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Summary of Novel

Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons tells a story about a 13-year-old girl named Sal who encountered a week long trip across the country. Along the way to Louiston, Idaho Sal shares a story about her dear friend Phoebe to her lively grandparents.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech uses symbolism to give the reader a deeper understanding on each characters use of emotion and personality.

Symbol 1: Blackberries

Sharon Creech used blackberries as a symbol in the novel Walk Two Moons when Sal’s mother kissed a tree after eating a blackberry. “She took several quick steps up to the trunk of the maple, threw her arms around it, and kissed that tree soundly.” (Creech 122-123). Sharon Creech uses blackberries once again when Sal’s mom and dad show affection for each other when Sal’s mother leaves bowls of blackberries for Sal and her father. “My father put his arms around her and they smooched and it was all tremendously romantic, and I started to turn away but my mother caught my arm.” (Creech 35). Creech uses blackberries as a symbol in this novel to signify love between Sal’s parents and Sal’s mother's love for nature. Through the use of this symbol the reader gets a deeper understanding of each characters' emotions and personality.

Symbol 2: Hair

Another symbol that is frequently used in the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech was Hair. A time when Creech used this symbol was when Sal’s father refused to let Sal cut her hair because it was an action that was taken when Sal’s mother left Sal and her dad. “My mother’s hair had been long and black, like mine, but a week before she left, she cut it. My father said to me, 'Don’t cut yours, Sal. Please don’t cut yours.'” (Creech 92). Hair was used as a symbol once again when Sal saved her mothers hair she found, that was cut right before Sal’s mom left them. “I saved her hair. I swept it up from the kitchen floor and wrapped it in a plastic bag and hid it beneath the floorboards of my room.” (Creech 92). Sharon Creech most likely uses hair as a critical symbol in the novel Walk Two Moons because it symbolizes love and the connection that was between Sal’s family before her mother left. This gave the reader a meaningful outlook on the personalities of Sal and her parents and the emotions passed from this change of living without her mother.