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Looking Ahead

Parents, this week contains both information from last week and this week. Don't forget tonight's Raffle and Karaoke night! Next week is our Spring Egg Hunt. See below for more information and don't forget to bring in your eggs. We will have a week filled with activities and stories that deal with animals who lay eggs. Our class will also be participating in a STEAM activity of building a nest.

What Happened This Week...

  • Our class studied rocks, soils, and fossils. We looked at bones and did a close read of different types of dinosaurs. We did a vocabulary study on the words extinct, millions, violent, herbivore, skull, and paleontologist.
  • We had a "Dino Day" and made fossils, played with plastic dinosaurs, made prints with fossils and feet, read dinosaur books, and explored a Natural History Museum on the tablets.
  • We played "Jump the Rainbow" and practiced using a number line to add and subtract. We used shamrocks and rainbows to make tens and compose/decompose numbers.
  • Our class painted self portraits and used adjectives to describe ourselves.
  • We read St. Patrick's Day in the Morning and had a parade around the room using action verbs.
  • We learned about the four seasons and created a floor graph of our favorite season. Our class had a visit from a meteorologist from WSB-TV. She read us a story and presented information on storms. We learned "Don't be scared, be prepared!"
  • Our class had a visit from a sneaky leprechaun, too! He didn't teach us anything, but he did leave a mess and a bag of treats!
  • We painted season trees to review the characteristics of all four seasons.
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Things to Know

Grand Slam Readers

Congrats to Landon, Taylor, Annie, Cameron, Kaleb, Nicholas, Elise, Yuvin, Kaitlyn, and Cyrus who have all met their AR goal! Way to go, guys! We are proud of all the reading you are doing. Keep up the good work!

Mystery Reader

This will be our last Mystery Reader sign-up for the year! If you haven't read to us yet, but would like to, please sign up. If you can't come in on one of these dates, then let me know when you are available and we will try to make it work!

Spring Egg Hunt

On March 25th, Kindergarten will have a Spring Egg Hunt. Please send in 12 plastic eggs filled with a wrapped edible treat or a non-edible treat by March 21st. We are also asking that each child bring in a clean, empty egg carton. Thank you!