Sara's Coaching Corner

Hosp Elementary February 9, 2016


I just wanted to take a minute to celebrate you and how great your teams have been with creating ways to track student progress from the pre-assessment to post-assessment! Some teams are using Google forms, others are using spreadsheets. I am just so impressed with you all. It is obvious how much you want to see your students grow! :)

Math PD Information

  • 2nd Grade PD, Feb. 11, 3PM-4PM

We will be using a different platform for this PD, Moodle. It will allow all campuses to

participate at once; therefore, we will offer one-session after school so hopefully more

can collaborate with the 2nd grade team. Please make sure to register on Workshop. If your day isn't loaded yet, just check back in a few days. :)

  • 3rd Grade PD, Feb. 19
  • 1st Grade PD, Feb. 25

We would love for Speech, GT, SPED, Dyslexia, ESL to join if you are available! :)

ELAR PD Information

Friday, February 12th 5th grade PD

  • Admin training room 7:20-8:20
  • Teachers need to bring a way they are using data from the Pre-Assessments to share.
  • This is a time for teachers to share their practices, build their individual and collective capacity, and CELEBRATE!!

ELAR Updates

Cluster 6, for grades 3-5 is now loaded. The STAAR stems are imbedded in the lessons. (I will also put a copy of the STAAR stems in your box so that you can take a look at them. I will have a copy in my room to use at CP.) We can use the stems to create CFAs/FAs.

When teaching summary, we want the students to be able to select the correct summary before being expected to write a summary. Mini lessons should model that.

The curriculum writers provided summary lessons for some genres, but we should emulate that into other genres, including poetry.


CBA Protocols

Please make sure that all data/students are scanned in Aware for science and math CBAs.

Mini Cast

There is a Mini-Cast on February 20th at Wakeland. The keynote speaker will be talking about interactive word walls. This sounds like it will be a great event!

Science Collaboratives:

4th grade - February 16th

5th grade - February 23rd

Please register in Eduphoria.