AP Macroeconomics

Young Economists of the World- GAVS Fall 2015 Chapter

Economic Fundamentals

The class has been working hard and graphing to their heart's content. The handwritten graphs look great and the super cool paint/ graphing programs ones are even better! Please make sure that you are paying attention to the direction of the graphs.

Instructional tip: Demand is DOWNWARD sloping, D=D and Supply is UPWARD sloping, it has the word up in it to remind you.

If there is a change in price, it is a movement along the curve. It will MOVE money in and out of your pocket. If it is a shift, there is no money " moving", just the quantity that you can get at each price level has changed.

Office Hours Take Place Every Monday at 8pm

I am more than willing to go over assignments or provide help or just clarify. If no one shows within 10 minutes I do shut off the platform. Make sure to watch the recording to see what I covered and if people asked the same questions you had. Link can be found on the right hand-side of the BrightSpace platform.

Reminders for the Week

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Next Two Week Due Date is September 10th

Please make sure to submit work as you complete it. It allows me more than enough time to grade and for modifications to be made on your part.

When submitting graphs for the FRQ, please DO NOT EMAIL ME THEM. They need to be submitted on the platform in the correctly named dropbox for that unit. I cannot grade work that does not appear there.

Also, please check your sent recipients and the drop box to ensure submissions have gone through. I cannot check these for students every time something is submitted.