"Born Worker"

By: Gary Soto


Jose is a young boy, but yet his work ethic is almost as good as an adult's. Jose's dad also has very good work ethics, which is where Jose gets it from. Jose is all about trying his best, making people proud, and doing the right thing. You may think that Jose is a wealthy boy, but he is the complete opposite. He and his family are actually poor. A little bit into the story, Jose and his cousin Arnie start doing work for other people to try and earn their own money. This was Arnie's idea, even though he is already wealthy. One of the exceptions that Jose had to make with Arnie, was that Arnie got most of the money, and did no work. It was this way, because Arnie said since he finds the work, that he shouldn't work. Arnie is a selfish person as you can tell, which is also why he got most of the money.


Jose wanted to earn more money and for it to be split evenly, but Arnie wouldn't do it that way. When they started working, it was going fine, although Arnie wouldn't stop annoying Jose. After a few days of working, they went to one of Arnie's dad's coworker's house, Mr. Clemens. Mr. Clemens didn't like the fact that two boy's would be working, but once Arnie explained the situation to him he understood. A little after Jose started working, Mr. Clemens falls into the pool, which has no water, and he hits his head on the bottom. Arnie and Jose both freak out, but Arnie doesn't want to help the old man, because he is afraid that they will get blamed. But Jose stuck around and helped the old man, and called 911. A little after the fire station, ambulance, and police came, a firefighter was trying to take Jose's story, when Arnie came back and took all of the credit.



"We better get out of here!" Arnie suggested. "They're going to blame us!"

"Arnie, get over here and help me!"

"I'm going home," Arnie whined.

"You punk!" Jose yelled. "Go inside and call 911."

"Why should we get involved?" He cried as he started for his bike. "It's his own fault."