English 10


About Me !!

My name is Destiny and I am Fun , Outgoing and Very Creative. I enjoy shopping and baking My favorite place to shop is Forever 21 and H&M. I also have a baking business called "Cakes By Destiny". I am a girly girl and of course my favorite color is pink. I love to take pictures and put them on instagram and i really cant live without my phone. Im short and i have long hair .That's all about me i hope you enjoyed it .



  • I write not only because my teacher makes me but to express my feelings, attitude and ideas. I enjoy writing about my life and writing freely .There are millions of ways you can benefit from writing . But the main one is to improve in your vocab and writing skills .

6 word Memoir

Classy and Fabulous I’m just Me

Sun Sentence

“I am like the animal Chihuahua because I am small & sassy.”

Shadow Sentence

" Inwardly , I am like dead leaves because im ugly and weak."

Reflection on the god/goddess essay

I enjoyed the fact that we could imagine that we was a goddess . My strengths in this writing was my introduction paragraph I would have to say my weak was transitions through out my essay.There is nothing I would change about this assignment.