The Kingdom of Ghana

By the great and amazing Davide


The kingdom of Ghana began as early as 500 AD, It located in the Niger River valley.

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The kings of Ghana were strong rulers who governed with no rules, the ruled with there army of thousands of men to protect the kingdom and hold the piece. They used there army's to do what they wished

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Most people in the kingdom of Ghana were farmers, but that was not Ghana's main sorce of money. Ghana whas rich in iron and gold ore, Ghana's blacksmiths were able to make tools and weapons with the iron, and the gold made Ghana an economic center. Ghana traded ivory goods, ostrich feathers, hides and slaves. hana traded it's gold for meany things, muslim traders brought down metal goods, textiles, horses and salt. Salt was very important in this time, it was used to preserve foods and to replace what there bodies lost in the hot climate.
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Ghana survived in the desert for hundreds of years. eventually it became weakened by war and fell in the 1100s.

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