Martin Luther

Saint or Sinner?


Martin Luther was a saint in the eyes of the Catholic church because he had the courage to oppose something wrong with the Catholic Church and to hold tight to his own belief. This was crucial because not many people could stand up against the powerful Catholic Church and state their own opinions like Luther did. This image of the Church represents that Luther was not afraid to state his own beliefs.

Martin Luther was a saint because he stated that money doesn't buy your sins away and though the truth about the Catholic Church. Especially in his 95 Theses where he states that indulgences were a waste of money and that the people should really be looking to God and religion to renew their sins, not money. This is important because Luther speaks his truth to the people and makes them take a new side on the Church and the pope. This picture of Indulgences shows that Martin changed the views of the people and made them look to God instead of money.

Martin Luther was also a saint because he translated the bible into the German Language which helped spread education and religion throughout Europe. This was important because now Luther could spread his ideas even further with the help of the printing press and spread religion further too. This image of the printing press shows just how smart Luther was to use the revolutionary machine to spread his ideas and educate Europe.


In the eyes of the Catholic Church, Luther was considered a church splitter who led much of western civilization away from the right path. He held back freedom and religion because he went after people like Calvin and the Jews. This image of the ax shows that Luther split up he church and the ideas of the pope which upset the people.

Martin Luther was a sinner because he turned against the Catholic Church and the idea of selling indulgences in his 95 Theses. He was a criticism of the Pope's purpose in raising the money. The image of a throne represents Luther taking power away from the church and upsetting the people by telling them to change their beliefs.

Luther created Lutheranism/ Protestant which turned people away from the Catholic Church. This would disrespect the ways of the church since people were changing their religion and no longer respecting the pope or catholicism. The image of the two arrows shows that people are looking away from the Catholic ways and turning to Martin's teachings which upsets the Catholic church because they are loosing followers and money.