Integumentary System

Sarah Holt

Epithelial Tissue

Form/ Function

Simple cuboidal epithelium is made up of a single layer of cuboidal cells which are cube like cells that have large spherical and central nuclei. Simple cuboidal epithelium functions for secretion and absorption. Places in the body that include this are the salivary glands and thyroid follicles this form or cube like structure helps with secretion and absorption because the shape of the cell and how tightly pact it is allows for respiration to occur.

Stratified cuboidal epithelium


The form of stratified cuboidal epithelium tissue includes multiple layers of cuboidal cells that contain a spherical central nuclei like the pictures above. The function of stratified Epithelial tissue is to protect the organs or places it is in. Stratified cuboidal epithelium is located in many places like large ducts of sweat glands and mammary glands and are able to help those function properly because the cells are tightly packed like dice which allows the protection of the glands like the salivary gland which can be very sensitive.

Connective Tissue

Elastic Cartilage tissue


The form of elastic cartilage tissue is composed of a dense matrix of collagen and elastic fibers. the function of Cartilage tissue is to provide support. The elasticity of elastic tissue is able to protect the parts of the inner ear and keep it intact.



The form of Adipose connective tissue includes a loose connective tissue that is packed tightly with many cells. The function of adipose is to help store triglycerides. Adipose connective tissue is found around the kidneys and buttocks which helps to insulate and cushion the kidneys with the extra fat inside it or triglycerides.

Muscle tissues

smooth muscle


Smooth Muscle is made up of diamond shaped cells with a single nucleus. The function of smooth muscle is to help move things along in the body. Because of the way smooth muscle is formed with the diamond shaped cells it is able to contract and push things along in the body during childbirth the smooth muscle in the uterus allows for the baby to be pushed out.

Skeletal muscle


The Skeletal Muscle is composed of many muscle fibers bundled together. The Function of skeletal muscle is to help the body move. when you move the muscle fibers in your skeletal muscles contract to allow the body to move and perform daily activities.

Nervous tissues


The nervous tissue consists of many neurons. The function of nervous tissue is to transmit electrical signals throughput the body to help all other parts of the body function. For example the neurons that make up the nerve cells in the brain allow electrical signals of a command to be transmitted and carried out.

Why is Skeletal muscle the most suited for its location?

Skeletal muscle is the best for its function which is to help the body move and its location which is on the bones or skeleton. This is because of the form of the skeletal muscle it is composed of all the tiny muscle strand which gives it more versatility when moving and a lot since when you move it is voluntary the muscle is able to contract when needed.