Cyber Bullying

how to prevent cyber-bullying


Cyber bullying is when someone is bullying you in threats or mean comments over the internet on a chat room or webpage. Cyber bullying causes low self esteem and can cause people to feel like they aren't important. This effects mant people because they don't think there's any reason to live and could feel pressurized to suicide or cruel thoughts. Anything that lowers someones self esteem or consious is bullying but over the internet bullies can make someone feel so weak compared to when it is said to their face.

How to stop cyber bullying/preventing it from happening

* ignore any rude or mean messages

* dont start any messages with a mean comment or bad words

* Tell an adult when any mean messages are sent to you to make sure that they will not be repeated.

* Save the evidence to show someone that you are being bullied

* Block the person who is doing mean and bad things to you

* If you know someone is being bullied, make sure to tell someone…don’t be a by stander!!

* Never respond to an anger message with anger

My Advice to you

When someone is saying mean things to you over the internet and making you feel like you don't matter, tell an adult. It's not true what anyone says and things will get better as long as you speak up. Don't be afraid to stand up to them and don't EVER do something that isn't worth what they are saying. Be sure to have the confidence to stand up for yourself. Don't forget that alot of people out there DO care. <3
Cyber bullying
Cyber Bullying.

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