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Principal News ~ March 10, 2023

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Lent Reflection:

" Speak continually with Jesus, in the good times and in the bad, when you do right and when you do wrong. Do not fear him! This is prayer"

Pope Francis, Address, World Youth Day, July 27, 2013.

Below is a picture of a gift from The Point retirement home.

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Thank you to everyone who helped make TRIVIA NIGHT a success! See you next year!


We are looking for parents to volunteer during the lunch hour to help with Pizza Friday and Culver's lunches. You can sign up on School Speak to volunteer. Please be sure that you have met all the requirements for volunteering at STMM.

Pizza Sign-up Link:

Culver's Sign-Up Link:

We are also looking for volunteers to help at the Book Fair. Parents can use the link below to volunteer:

Volunteer Requirements:

Attention all school volunteers:

Thank you for volunteering at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School! Your contribution of time and talent will help our students and our school thrive.

All volunteers are required to complete an online VIRTUS training, provided by the Diocese of Rockford.

Attached below are the instructions that will walk you through the training process, step by step.

When you are prompted to enter your organization's password, please use 2train!


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Free Dress and Spirit Wear Attire Reminder:

Free Dress Pass and Spirit Days

  • Spirit wear is considered an alternate uniform. Students will have a limited set of options for their attire on these days. We recognize that there are many types of St. Margaret Mary clothing options that families have purchased and collected over the years. Without limiting the options, however, the variety of colors and styles the students are wearing makes it difficult to adopt the concept of an “alternate uniform”.
  • Official spirit wear is offered through Home and School throughout the year. In general, t-shirts of classic navy, grey, and/or true red which are plain (no text or design) or references St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in the above colors will be acceptable for spirit wear.
  • If families or groups want to make a t-shirt for use on spirit wear days, they must first be approved by the principal.

Non-uniform and spirit-wear pants and shorts:

  • Students can wear jeans, athletic pants (not yoga or tight-fitting), chino pants, or capris. Legging will not be permitted unless the dress or top worn is at least one inch above the knee or longer. Pants cannot have rips or holes.
  • We are increasingly sensitive to the fact that measuring short length is a process that can invite unwelcome attention to students. Unfortunately, measuring shorts length is not a science; therefore, to eliminate problems surrounding these judgment calls, uniform shorts will be the only shorts permitted for spirit wear days and out-of-uniform days for both male and female students. Female students can also wear their uniform skirts.
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Click on the registration link below to RSVP.

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Advisory Board Nominations for the 2023 - 2024 School Year

The Advisory Board is currently accepting nominations for the 2023 - 2024 school year. If you would like to nominate someone for the advisory board or are interested in nominating yourself please fill out this form by March 16, 2022.

Advisory Board Nomination Link -

Below is a summary of the purpose of the Advisory Board.

  • To represent the school community through meetings in order to foster a spirit of shared leadership with the Pastor and Principal
  • As requested by the Principal, develop policies as needed and in accord with Diocesan guidelines that enable St. Margaret Mary School to reach its goals, promote the implementation of the said policies, and provide counsel and advise the school's administration.
  • To engage in a timely review of the annual school tuition plan to consult with the Principal on financial matters.
  • To establish endowment and development programs for the benefit of the school and implement plans, strategies, and means for involvement with such programs
  • To collaborate in the formation and implementation of long-range planning for the school.
  • To establish and maintain bylaws and to evaluate the Board’s policies every three years and performance annually.

Membership Guidelines:

  • Membership is open to nine (9) appointed Members. The executive officer (Principal) and the Pastor shall be ex-officio non-voting members of the School Advisory Board.
  • No appointed Board member, spouse, or immediate family member may be employed by Saint Margaret Mary in either part-time or full-time employment during that term of office.
  • Each member shall serve a term of three (3) years. A member may be appointed for an additional successive term. Two successive terms shall be the limit. However, if a person serves less than one and one-half years by filling an unexpired vacancy, then that person shall be eligible for two (2) successive terms after that. Terms shall expire the day prior to the June meeting. Additional terms shall be approved by the Principal and Pastor no later than the May meeting.
  • Any Board member missing two (2) meetings in succession, without prior notification, shall automatically be dropped from membership, and any Board member who misses three (3) meetings in a year, without good cause shall be dropped from membership.


The Board will meet from August - June. Typically the meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are subject to change or be postponed. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, Principal, or Pastor as needed.

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Turn in date reminder - March 20 - NO LATE ORDERS

Butter Braids Reminder

Easter will be here before we know it! For our family that means a big family brunch after Easter Mass and what better addition to the menu than a warm, fluffy, braided-by-hand, butter-braid pastry with icing?

The St. Margaret Mary Advisory Board is challenging every student to sell five (5) Butter Braids to help support our school. St. Margaret Mary will receive 40% of profits from the total sales.

When can we START selling?

Sales begin right now, Feb 3rd! You will have 2 forms of sale options; electronic submission link (check your email) and paper order forms.

When are orders DUE?

Paper order forms are due back to school by March 20th.

When will we RECEIVE these amazing pastries?

Butter Braid order PICK-UP will be on April 3rd from 3:15-5:15 pm after student pick-up. Butter Braids are delivered frozen and are good outside of a freezer for about 4 hours.

Flavor Options:

  • Apple (w/ white icing)
  • Blueberry & Cream Cheese (w/ white icing)
  • Raspberry (w/ white icing)
  • Cinnamon (w/ white icing)
  • Cream Cheese (w/ white icing)
  • Strawberry & Crème (w/ white icing)
  • Carmel Roll (w/ white icing)
  • Cinnamon Roll (w/ white icing)

The class with the highest sales total will earn a Free Dress Pass.

Butter Braid® branded products are available exclusively through fundraisers, so don’t hesitate to add an extra one to your order now, I promise you won’t regret it!

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Help Wanted

St. Margaret Mary Parish is looking to hire a part-time maintenance person to help maintain the church, school, and ministry center. Some duties include lawn maintenance during the summertime, snow removal during the winter months, and general maintenance and cleaning.

Don't hesitate to contact Greg Freund, Facility Manager, by email at, office phone at 847-658-7625 ext. 1116, or by cell phone at 847-907-0330 for more information and to apply.

Absenteeism and Truancy Policy

As a reminder, STMM follows the following policy. Below is a summary of the larger Dioscian policy. Please take time to review the information below.

Absenteeism and Truancy Policy 5134B

The Illinois School Code requires that any school, including a nonpublic school, receiving funds through participation in the federal/state milk, breakfast, and/or lunch programs shall develop and communicate to its students and their parent or guardian, on an annual basis, an absenteeism and truancy policy, that contains certain provisions.

School attendance is compulsory in the State of Illinois. The responsibility of compliance with the law belongs to the parents, but the school is required to keep a record of daily attendance. The record is placed in the student’s permanent file at the end of each school year.

A student who is subject to compulsory school attendance shall not be absent without a valid cause. The following

  • Vacations
  • personal days
  • family obligations
  • visiting relatives
  • transportation issues are not considered valid causes for absence. A student who is absent without valid cause is a truant student.

A student is considered truant when he/she is absent for a school day or portion of a school day without valid cause and the absence exceeds 5% (more than 8 days) of the total student attendance days in the school year.

When a student is truant, the School administration will be in contact with the parent/ guardian. The School’s contact with the parent/guardian is for the purpose of determining the reason for the student’s absence and further discussion if the absence is without valid cause. If the administration is unsuccessful in reaching the parent/guardian or the emergency contacts, the School will notify the police and request a well-being check on the student/family.

If a student fails to resume regular attendance in school, and the student’s absence without valid cause exceeds more than five percent (5%) of the total attendance days in the school year, the student is deemed a truant minor and written notice shall be sent to the parent/guardian stating that the student’s truancy is being reported to the Illinois State Board of Education. This may be done through the truancy department of the Regional Office of Education. Additionally, the School may drop the student from enrollment.

All student attendance will be reviewed in the next two weeks. Families will be contacted if their student is at risk of truancy.

If you are calling your child into school absent you MUST contact the SCHOOL OFFICE by 9:00.

Give Central: Weekly Offertory for St. Margaret Mary Parish

Click on the link below to set up an electronic offertory:

Sunday Mass Schedule at St. Margaret Mary

Saturday Evening
4:30 PM, 6:30 PM in Polish Language

7:00 AM, 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM
1:00 PM in Polish Language

4:30 PM