Scratch V.S Kodu

A guide to two of the world's best game making apps

By Petras Verseckas

Kodu: The Summary

Kodu is a visual programming language used to create game for all ages. Kodu is a simple way to create your own games. Kodu is a 3 dimensional coding system where you can create games.

Kodu: About the creators

Kodu was created by Microsoft Fuse Lab which is a part of Microsoft. Kodu was first released in June 30 2009. The application was made to operate on Windows. The games that you create on Kodu are compatible with a PC and XBox.

Kodu: What does it enable you to do: Charecters

Kodu enables you to create games. You can choose from a variety of templates for your games. You can edit the templates so that you don't have to add a terrain, you can also add various characters varieing from Kodu to a balloon to a fish to a cycle; you can add nearly any character you can think of. Kodu, as the name suggests, lets you code the characters that you add. you can code the characters to do various things such as catch apples, collect coins say something to another character. You can also code some movement, eg: if cycle sees kodu he cycles away etc. eg.: Cycle- If See-- Apple--Red-- Go Towards--It>>>If Touch--Apple--Red--Eat--it.

You can also code a creature so that if the creature is eaten it dies and ends the game.

Kodu: What does it enable you to do: Terrain

Kodu enables you to customize your terrain down to the color and height, if there is water or no water, how much terrain. Be aware that you do have a limit of how much terrain you can use.

Scratch:The Summary

Scratch is an interactive and visual programming language which enables you to program you own stories as well as movies and simple games.

Scratch: About the creators

Scratch was created by MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten Group, and semi designed by Mitchel Resnick. Scratch was a great success for the creators.

The first test was made 2002and the official program was released in 2005.

Scratch: What does it enable you to do: General

Scratch enables you to make and edit your own characters and sounds. It enables you to put a general background of the whole story or movie. There is coding involved for every movement of the scratches. for example you can code the scratch to when clicked>>say>>you caught me>>when click>>disappear. If>>space bar pressed>>appear>>restart. etc. Scratch lets you add your own characters and also edit the preinstalled ones- this enable you to add any character you want.

Main Advantages & Disadvantages: Kodu

Main Advantages:

enables you to add water

enables you to add terrain

enables you to add a verity of characters

enables you to add water

Loads of commands to chose from

Main Disadvantages:

Can'd upload your own characters

Can't add custom music

Main Advantages & Disadvantages: Scratch

Main Advantages:

Loads of commands to chose from

enables character upload

enables music

enables you to demonstrate what an experiment looks like

Main Disadvantages:

it is not as easy to use as kodu

My Opinion - Which is better Kodu or Scratch

I personally really like scratch but I would give my crown to kodu because it is much easier to use and it takes less time to make an amazing looking game.

I really like scratch but it takes longer to make.

Tell me what you think and leave a comment below. Try both of them out. Good Playing.