Bora Bora

Kenna freeman

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What is Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is north of Tahiti. Many people go there for vacation! Bora Bora has beautiful beaches and sunsets. There are many resorts to stay at. If you want to go, you would have to fly there, its in the middle of the ocean, Bora Bora is 5,901 miles away from Michigan.

whats The Weather Like?

The weather in Bora Bora is 70-80 degrees. Make sure you take your raincoat its kinda raining there. When its not raining though its beautiful, there's usually always a nice breeze on the beach. All of their seasons are warm mostly. There coldest month is October. Don't get worried about not getting you tan trust me even of you cant see the sun its always there!

Should I Drive?

If you wanna spend most of your money on rental cars...sure go ahead. Don't do a bike to get around, the cost for bike rental is very low, don't think you have got to ride hours to get places. To ride the whole island only takes four hours total. If you rent a car most of your time will be spent trying to find a parking spot. You can take the city bus but good luck catching it and finding a seat.

What should i eat?

In Bora Bora, most people eat lots of fish or sushi. Most of their dishes have Either fish or shrimp in them. The absolute most popular dish is sushi, you can get all different kinds. Another favorite is Mahi Mahi witch is a fish dish with their famous vanilla sauce. If you don't like fish try the rotisserie pork meal, that's a mouth watering dish.

Are You Bored?

Go to bora bora, you wont be bored. Some of the top 10 attractions to do are a jet ski tour, If you dont like jet skiing go on a boat tour in stead. Who wouldn't want to go on the waters and see the island. Vanitape?? I know you came to lay on the beach but go visit the city life.. a vanitape! Do you like animals? Go feed the sharks and stingrays, they wont bite!

How Do I Pay?

In Bora Bora they use French XPF money source. Most places take credit cards also, they recommend using credit instead of paper money. One US dollar is $105.91 in Bora Bora. When you go you won't need much paper money. Some places only take credit cards, so make sure you get one before you go or not to forget yours!!

Do They Speak English?

In Bora Bora they speak Tahitian, witch is way different than English. You will want to know some of the phrases like hello witch is "La Orana" or "waururu" witch is thank you! Many places you go to will have American associates on the resort. If you go out of your resort on to the streets you wont have that. You will have to speak Tahitian.