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A Word from Janae Smith, Director of Online Learning

“Years end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can install in us.” ~Hal Borland

As the 2021-22 school year comes to an end, the Online Learning Department is so proud of the hard work and dedication all of the scholars have shown this year. We know that through their collaborative experiences during learning labs, working one-on-one with their teachers, setting and achieving their goals during connection meetings, and building lasting friendships, our scholars truly exemplify our ARTIC values and embody our resilient mascot, the firebird.

This past school year, we have seen increased scholar engagement, participation in learning labs, and collaboration to develop critical thinking skills. Scholars have also showcased their learning through digital portfolios, exams, and projects during their connection meetings to highlight all they have learned and accomplished. It has been remarkable and exciting to see scholars achieve their academic and personal goals during these connection meetings.

As we look forward to the 2022-23 school year, the Online Learning Department is excited to continue to provide personalized learning opportunities, more possibilities for project-based learning, standard mastery, and building relationships with all of our scholars!

Loud and Proud,

Janae Smith

Director of Online Learning and The Online Learning Team


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What is New in Online Learning?

The Online Learning Department finished the school year strong with their fun, end-of-the-year incentive competition. Each week the class with the highest percentage of scholars who earned a passing grade or higher (by the grade-span team) was recognized in the weekly Monday Morning Update (MMU), and the teacher provided a reward for that class. These rewards included a Rising Scholar Ticket, a learning lab incentive, and/or an in-course incentive. The scholars enjoyed this friendly competition and celebrated during each learning lab.

Connection meetings were new for the Online Learning Department this year and were a great addition to the program. Families and teachers are able to create goals and follow up on any questions or concerns. These meetings have been able to bridge any gaps in communication as well. Scholars have showcased their learning each learning period during their connection meetings with their supervising teachers. During these meetings, scholars have shared their essays, projects, and awesome math practice. In addition, many scholars shared their digital portfolios that further highlighted standards mastery and how they strived for excellence this year.

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Work Samples & Learning Labs

5-grader Petra G. presents her book report on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone using Google Slides.
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2-Grade scholars learned about polygons and applied their math skills by classifying polygons based on their attributes. They used a variety of polygon shapes to create their own monster named, Poly!
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Our 2-grade scholars completed a unit on fractions! Scholars created their specialty pizza, applying what they learned about fractions!
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Middle school science scholars Dean B., Madeleine B., Nola H., and Audrey M. are learning about thermal energy and collaborate during learning labs to design and virtually build their tiny house.
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7-grade James G. showcased all he learned about the respiratory system in science class.
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We love using Peardeck in Math 8 to try out new skills and share our learning. Scholars in Ms. Foster’s 8-grade math class practiced graphing during their learning lab.
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Comparing and contrasting technologies from the past and present, 10-grade world history scholar Violetta Charlotte G. explored how the processes of bookmaking have evolved:
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In World Geography, scholar Mona T. explored how geographic location and proximity to water impact climate in different parts of the world.
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The Americas, both North and South, have been on 11-grade minds as we approach summer. In our Spanish and English classes, themes relating to food and flags of Latin American nations have cropped up, been explored, and examined visually and in writing.

Samantha G., one of our Spanish 2 scholars, researched the cuisine of Guatemala for an assignment on the culinary cultures of a Spanish-speaking nation.

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David L. took advantage of an AP English and Composition task to express how the flag of Argentina, his father’s home country, resonated with him on a cultural and personal level!
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Scholars conducted a Cold War comparison.
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A 90's Conflict scholar work sample.
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Meet the Hill Sisters!

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Online High School is very pleased to introduce you to the Hill sisters, Miss Laylani (10-grader) and Miss Aliyah (9-grader).

Let’s allow these young ladies to tell you about themselves, their educational goals, and their many interests and talents!

Meet Laylani!

It’s Laylani here! My experience with online learning so far has been absolutely amazing. I love online learning! My mother found Compass Charters School from a commercial on television and thought it was a good fit for my younger sister Aliyah and me. The staff, such as the principal, my homeroom teacher, core subject teachers, etc., have supported my school work, future, and passions.

Here are a bunch of random facts about me!

  • I’m seventeen
  • My favorite meal is spaghetti with parmesan cheese
  • My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper
  • My favorite ice cream is snicker bar ice cream bars
  • My favorite colors are pink and royal blue
  • I am obsessed with MARVEL, Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga, and The Fast & Furious Saga
  • My favorite band is BTS
  • My favorite female singer is Billie Eilish
  • My favorite male singer is Harry Styles
  • My favorite rapper is Doja Cat
  • When I grow up, I want to become an actress
  • My second choice is an astronomer
  • I want to get better at coloring, drawing, sketching, painting, etc.
  • In my free time, I like making collages, dancing, listening to music, practicing sketching, acting, drawing, coloring, and watching YouTube shows and movies.
  • My favorite subject in school currently is English
  • I want to learn how to do ballet, box, ice skate, ski, snowboard, play the piano, guitar, tennis, volleyball, paint, sketch, make pottery, do karate, kung fu, archery, shoot and tap dance.
  • I want to do wild things one day, like skydiving, paragliding, taking a zero-gravity flight, etc.
  • I love all movie and show genres, but the ones I love the most are science fiction, action, fantasy, and horror.
  • I absolutely LOVE to binge-watch shows and movie trilogies.
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Meet Aliyah!

This is Aliyah Hill. My experiences with Compass Online have been great, and I enjoy it much more than public school. I chose Compass because I was bullied in public school, and it started when I was a small child in the first or second grade. It was time for me to be taken out of public school because of the bullying. I ended up finding Compass, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.

My interests are in playing basketball, singing, dancing, listening to music, and playing car driving games. My favorite activities are spending time with my family, laughing, being happy, and watching movies, television shows, and funny YouTube videos.

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Staff Spotlight

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Sophie Samson, our Newest Member of the Online Middle School Team!

I am a middle school supervising teacher at Compass. I have only worked here since the beginning of March, but I hope to be here much longer.

When the pandemic forced the school where I previously worked to go online from March 2020-April 2021, it was really interesting to see that online learning actually seemed to work better for some scholars. I worked at an arts-focused charter school at the time, and many of my students had come to that school because they did not fit in at traditional public schools. Seeing how much some of them enjoyed online learning made me interested in teaching online more long-term. It made me realize there is a need for quality online education in general, not just during a pandemic. I wanted to work at Compass because it seems like the people who work here have been aware of that need for a while and have been working for years already to try to provide that service.

Almost every conversation I have with a learning coach starts with them apologizing for bothering me, and I cannot express enough how much it is not a bother. Supervising teachers are here to help, and we love to hear from you.

Many people do not know that I have been biking rather than driving as my primary form of transportation since I was an undergrad at NYU. I started cycling when Hurricane Sandy hit, and the subways were closed for a long time. The only time I ever owned my own car was in high school.

When I am not busy supporting and teaching scholars, my family and I are pretty active. We like to bike (road bike, not a mountain bike), run, do yoga, ski, and hike. During the pandemic, my partner started designing video games, an extremely challenging hobby. I’ve been practicing digital and pixel art to create characters and artwork for the games that he makes. I would love to someday be able to collaborate to design educational games.

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