Ernest Hemingway


20 Facts about Hemingway

1. Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois – a suburb of Chicago that has also been home to Edgar Rice Burroughs

2. Hemingway met J.D. Salinger during World War II. Salinger was fighting with the 12th Infantry Regiment

3. Hemingway’s son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter and ran a safari business in Tanzania.

4. Hemingway only wrote one play called The Fifth Column and it is set during the Spanish Civil War.

5. Hemingway’s sister and brother, and also his father committed suicide

6. at the young age of 20, he returned to the United States and spent time in northern Michigan before taking a job at the Toronto Star.

7. In 1923, Hemingway and Hadley had a son, John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway.

8. When he wasn't writing, Hemingway spent much of the 1930s chasing adventure: big-game hunting in Africa, bullfighting in Spain, deep-sea fishing in Florida.

9. When the United States entered World War II in 1941, Hemingway served as a correspondent and was present at several of the war's key moments, including the D-Day landing.

10. In 1951, Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea, which would become perhaps his most famous book,

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More Facts

11. Hemingway started going into depression with the deaths of some of his close friends.

12. He was also seriously injured in two successive plane crashes. He received third degree burns while at a fishing expedition shortly after his recovery from the plane crash.

13. During his last years his behavior is said to resemble his father’s before he had committed suicide. In 1961 Ernest Hemingway committed suicide.

14. Writing short stories, Hemingway knew how to get the most from the least

15. Though a successful writer, Hemingway never disowned his past. He shared his life experiences on various occasions. He remembered his mother dressing him up as a little girl and the sorry incident of his father taking his own life in 1928.

16. His first books include ‘Three stories and Ten Poems’ (1923), ‘In Our Time’ (1924) and ‘The Torrents of Spring’ although his first serious novel and without a doubt the reason of his establishing fame was ‘The Sun also Rises’

17. Other major works include ‘Death in the Afternoon’, The Green Hills of Africa’ and ‘To Have and Have Not’.

18. After returning home from the war, Hemingway became a reporter for the American and Canadian newspapers

19. Hemingway worked his way from a reporter for The Kansas City Star then a volunteer for an ambulance unit in World War-I

20. a journalist in Chicago to a Nobel prize awarded writer who inspired wide range of authors and writers.