Miss Sara's September Newsletter

Back to School and Having So Much Fun!

Upcoming Events

NO SCHOOL: Sep. 7 (Labor Day)


  • Early release: Pick up your child at 10:15 a.m.
  • Then meet us in the Kuna Park (across from the Schoolhouse) for our Reader's Theater and Donuts in the Park!


  • Class Pictures: Sep. 17
  • Individual School Pictures: Sep. 18
  • More details to come soon. If you want a picture taken by Lifetouch, you’ll drive your child to Crimson Point Clubhouse on Sep. 18. Sibling pictures available.

NO SCHOOL: Sep. 25 (Babby Farms Field Trip; see schedule below)


  • FALL CARNIVAL: @Schoolhouse Saturday, Oct. 17 from 10am-12pm
  • HALLOWEEN PARTIES IN CLASS: Oct. 30 (Kindergartners get to wear costumes, yay!)


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  • Sep. 25: No school; meet us at 9 a.m.


  • Meet us at Babby Farms (5900 El Paso Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607)
    You can get up close and personal at this petting zoo with their 130 animals from kangaroos to camels to lemurs! It's WORTH the 45-min. drive! :) We'll be there for about 1.5 hours together; feel free to stay longer if you like!


  • What to wear: Sunshine shirts!
  • Who can come: Your whole family of course! It's FREE!
  • How long it will last: About 1.5 hrs.

Scholastic Book Clubs Deadline: Sunday Sep. 6

CLICK TO ORDER and use our class code: HZGN7.

This month, you'll get a FREE 2-SIDED READING POSTER with your order + a FREE "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" book! And every time you place an order, your classroom gets a FREE book - thanks!

Happy Birthday To:

Easton: Aug. 2

Ana: Aug. 17

John: Aug. 26

Jordyn: Sep. 10

Keely: Sep. 16

McKenna: Sep. 24

Halle: Sep. 26

Off To A Great Start!

We're off to a fabulous start! I would first like to say thank you for sharing your child with us! This is such a nice class! Everyone is playing so well together and with only 14 kids in class we've been able to accomplish a lot during the day. As you know we have already started working with our letter Mm and Ss. We have also played some name games this month. We jumped over a candle stick and we've played "Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar. Make sure to check out the pictures at the end and see all the fun we've been having in centers.

BEE binders & Book Bags:

Thank you for making sure your child has their BEE binder and book bags everyday. It makes the morning routine very easy. Please remember to take out all the papers in the BEE binders each day and remember to record your child's book each day. Thanks for your help and support with this! :)


Some of you have met our class BEE, Buzz. Buzz has helped us with our class rules:

The 5 BEEs:

BEE-lieve in Yourself

BEE- Responsible

BEE- a Good Listener


BEE- a Hard Worker

Buzz watches the class each day and chooses 1 student that has been following our 5 BEE rules and goes home with them. If you have not met Buzz yet, you soon will! :)

Behavior Blocks:

This week we have started behavior blocks to help us get into a good, positive routine. Each child starts with 4 blocks each morning. If they remember the 5 BEEs then they keep all their blocks. If they forget, then they lose a block. If they have at least one block at the end of the day they will receive a small treat (candy, sticker, or stamp). Next week they will start with three blocks and so on until we are in a good routine. Make sure to ask your child each day how many blocks they had :)


Please check out our class calendar located in the BEE binders to see all the fun stuff we will be doing in September. This week we will be starting our color unit. We will talk about two colors a week. On your calendars you will notice it says, "wear red" or "wear blue" etc... If your child chooses to, they can wear the color of the day. They do not have to, it's just for fun.

Homework: Thank you to everyone who has turned in the All About Me sheet. I have made a class book and your child will be bringing it home in the next three weeks. This is a fun way to get-to-know our class.

This week's homework: Please make sure your child uses a pencil on their homework when they are writing letters and words. They may use color crayon to color a picture. Please remember we are doing homework to practice our skills. Please make sure the homework is done correctly. It doesn't do any good to practice the skills incorrectly. Again, thanks for your help and support. :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please always ask!

I would love to chat with you! :)

Have a great week!

Miss Sara

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1st day!

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Sarah & Jordyn enjoying the Listening Center

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Ana & Easton working with all those letters!

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Fishin' & Sortin'

Big image

Keely & Halle playing a fun math game!

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McKenna & Tatum making macaroni M's

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Matching numbers with pictures!

Big image

Practicing our M's with MUSTARD-:)