5th Grade Advanced Language Arts has begun!

5th Grade Advanced Language Arts

I am excited to get our new Language Arts class started this year. The goal of the course is to deepen instruction and provide more complex assignments for your students over the course of the year. Using the 5th and 6th grade Colorado State Reading, Writing and Communicating Content Standards, I will provide your student with challenge and enrichment in the upcoming year. Students will work heavily on reading using the CKLA curriculum, on writing using Step Up to Writing and DLI, and will continue to read AR novels in addition to our work in class.

Quill and Spelling City

We will also have access to some outside learning resources that will be used for homework and support as we learn.

  • Quill (quill.org) will provide Missions that can be done at any time over the course of the year. We will start off by identifying and creating missions for any missing 5th grade skills and then will continue through any 6th grade skills that need review. Students will be able to progress as far as they want using this program. Many students have already started a mission with Mrs. Holt last year, and they are welcome to continue that mission now. They will add me as a Coach during class this week.
  • Spelling City (spellingcity.com) will provide support for fluency in spelling and strength in vocabulary.
  • We may also use Voicethread in class this year - I'll keep you posted on that.

More Information

Parent Information Night

I will be available for our own version of Parent Information Night next week on Monday, September 19th from 4:30 - 5:00 in Rm 207. Please feel free to come and find out more about the plans for this school year.

Do you have a website?

I do; in fact, I have two of them. As a member of the 5th grade team, I use their Homework calendar and Announcements page: 5th Grade.

I also have a website that includes LEGO Robotics and gifted and talented information as well as helpful parent links: Mrs. Niccoli's Website

Please help me do a better job!

If you would, please complete the following questionnaire about your family and your student. This will help me make this year the very best it can be for your 5th grader! If you have a student in both of my advanced classes, please submit only once.