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3/4/22 Volume 1 (28)

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday.

The most important influence on our children is you. Continually talking to your children and setting an example for them will help strengthen your relationship with them and guide them to become healthier individuals.

This month, we celebrate the IB Learner attribute of being Open Minded. Here are some things you can do to help.


1~Model open and accepting behavior for all humans

2~Nurture respect and love for all living things

3~ Expose your child to a variety of cultural experiences

4~ Visit Explore and More Children's Museum to "travel" around the world

5~Read and tell stories from around the world

6~Watch movies that show other countries cultures

7~Listen to a variety of types of music

8~Read and write different forms of poetry

9~Learn about how different cultures celebrate holidays

10~Prepare and taste foods from other countries

The IB Learner profile aims to develop students who are open-minded. Students who are open-minded understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, and are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities. They are accustomed to seeking and evaluating a range of points of view, and are willing to grow from the experience.

IB students have a deep understanding of various cultures and views, bringing an appreciation of new views to both their academic study and their involvement in local and wider communities. Their international mindedness complements the missions of the best tertiary institutions.

Read-a-thon goes on until March 11th

Las Positas Elementary is all about reading right now. Would you please tell your friends and family about our Read-a-thon by sharing a quick Facebook post? Click on this link to go to a suggested Facebook post:

Open Minded Students Grown at Las Positas

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Community Opportunities

Important Dates:

Every Friday is Spirit Gear: Wear Las Positas Gear or colors

  • 2/28 - 3/11 Read A Thon
  • 3/10- Spring Picture Day (voluntary)
  • 3/14- PTA meeting
  • 3/21-3/25 - Spring Break
  • 3/30 - Coffee w/the Principal @ 8:30 on zoom
  • 4/7/22 - SSC Meeting #4 @ 8:30
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