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April 2015 Vol 3, Edition 7

Motivating a Community

of Learners

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Colleagues,

The week of May 4th is Teacher Appreciation Week. I would like to take a moment and thank all of you for the hard work and dedication you display every single day. This hard work and dedication is most evident in the classroom when you teach, before or after school when you meet with students, and the communication you have with our parents.

What often is not seen is the hard work and dedication outside of the school day. This includes your efforts to plan and prepare for daily lessons, the work done to help a struggling student, joining school and district committees, attending professional development opportunities, and helping colleagues when called upon.

Every student who goes to school deserves a positive learning experience and an excellent teacher. Your hard work and dedication to the students, your colleagues, and the community of Spotswood assures this happens on a daily basis.

On behalf of the Spotswood Board of Education and my administrative time, I thank you for your efforts and appreciate all that you do to make Spotswood an outstanding school district.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Going Google Training Schedule

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Transition from Microsoft to Google

The first part of our transition to Google will start in May. This is a simple transition where from May 1, 2015 on we ask that you add the following line to your Outlook email signature:

Please note that effective September 1, 2015 Spotswood will be using Google, and my email address will change to (add your info here)

You can edit your Outlook email signature by:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on the FILE tab on the top left
  3. Click on the word OPTIONS on the left side bar and then the Outlook Options box will pop up
  4. Click on MAIL on the left side bar of the Outlook Options box
  5. Under COMPOSE MESSAGES, click on SIGNATURES in the area that says "Create or modify signatures for messages"
  6. You can now edit your signature or create a new signature in this box

going google

Apps and Tech Stuff

FACT Meeting Minutes

FACT Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2015


All aspects of PARCC testing went exceptionally well in our district. We are prepared for our next round of testing and we anticipate that it will run smoothly as well.

No headphones will be needed on the upcoming PARCC.

Our technical team will be turning off automatic system updates so our computers will not update during the test.

When the district gets more Chrome Books, our testing time should be reduced by a few days.

It was suggested that this test count for juniors since many did not take this test seriously since they knew it did not count for them. Since the test is still new it is anticipated that all the kinks will be worked out in the near future.

School wide Theme for the 2015-2016 School year.

We are currently in search of a new district wide theme for next year. If you have any suggestions, please let one of your FACT Team members know and they will present your idea to Dr. Rocco at the next FACT meeting or email him directly. We hope to have our new theme announced in our June Spot On so please let your creative juices flow and help inspire our school team.


Please remember to add your new email address letting everyone know that your email will be changing as of July 1st. Further directions will be received as we get closer to our roll over date.

Traffic on Kane Avenue

Unfortunately it is not possible to make Kane Avenue one way during school hours. Since Schoenly is right in the middle of a community, it would inconvenience those who live nearby and it would require more police to be stationed by Schoenly School.


The district is hoping to replace our aging HVAC units at Schoenly School. As these units are replaced or updated our schools will be equipped with air conditioning. It is proposed in this year’s referendum that Schoenly School have their HVAC units updated due to the age of the units at Schoenly and various medical issues in the building.


Since many of the new computers are not equipped for DVD use, it was asked if we could use our home Netflix accounts at school. Dr. Rocco will have our technology team look into the feasibility of accessing Netflix but he felt we would have to set acceptable use guidelines before implementation. Dr. Rocco also felt that we should limit the time we use Netflix and YouTube videos in our classrooms.

If Netflix is used in the district, we will also have to look into broadening our WIFI bandwidth. There would also have to be a study done to see how our district bandwidth should be allocated across our district.

Technology in our Classrooms

The district hopes to replace many of our old desktop computers with Chrome Books. We will purchase them in a cart of 15 rather than 30 so transporting the computers is more manageable.

It was stated that the younger students at Schoenly might be better off with desktops since they are rougher with the computers and a desktop is more durable then a portable laptop which can be easily moved and dropped.

21st Century Carts

Some teachers still do not have a 21st century cart in their room. It was suggested that all teachers have a cart so they can give their students more access and exposure to technology.

At the present time, we must continue using the carts to hold our computer equipment. It is too expensive to have our projectors mounted to the ceiling.

Summer Book Study

If you are interested in joining our summer book study please register now. We will be reading Pure Genius. The author of the book will be joining our book chat.

Please contact your FACT team member if you would like anything addressed with Dr. Rocco.

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